On… Honesty

So recently I’ve been asked for my opinions on stuff. If you knew me well, I’m not the sort to criticize you in your face, but I’m not worried to express honest opinions if you actually asked for it. If I think it’s going to benefit you in the long run I’m going to say it as it is. My rationale being: even if you don’t agree, I’ve made you think about it, at least.

I mean that’s how I take criticism. I might gripe and groan about it but in the long run I’d have a good think about it, why people would say it and how I can change for the better. Unless it’s a baseless comment, it should warrant some good thought behind it.

So I really don’t get why some people ask for opinions and then become defensive or annoyed if they don’t hear something affirming. I mean I get cognitive dissonance, but if you asked for honesty I’m sure you would expect to get diverse reactions from third parties, which may or may not affirm your beliefs, attitudes and values that contributed to your decision making process. And if you’re bold enough to ask for honest feedback you should at least have the propensity to handle criticisms, shouldn’t you?

If you ask for the truth, make sure you can handle the truth.

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