ang moh vs tng lang dragon

Hello everyone! Soon, us chinese are going to gather with our relatives to celebrate the start of chinese new year – and this year is the year of the dragonnnn! Coincidentally, my year too 🙂


Since it’s the year of the dragon I’d like to leave you with an astute observation I overheard from a guide in Vietnam.

Did you ever realize that the western dragon looks dramatically different from the chinese dragon? It has a pot belly and (sometimes tiny) wings!


The chinese dragon, on the other hand, is very much longer and has less anthropomorphic face.

Didn’t really notice till I thought about it!

新年快乐!Will write about my travels soon 🙂 in the meantime, eat lots and collect lots of angbao!

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  1. I’ve heard of that before! I don’t know from where though. I think it was an art show on TV where they were analyzing how people draw dragons.

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