Chio Singaporean Bloggers.

Blogs I read just cos they are chio (and I am bored / a creepy voyeur) :
A curated list. There are a lot of acbc (act chio buay chio) attention seeking bloggers also that I have gladly omitted.

Updated: 8 Jan 2014

[edit: i have also become too lazy to add descriptions.]

act chio buay chio

instagram only:

I know they aren’t Singaporean but, close enough.

omg but cannot stand it when they do too many advertorials.



  1. sisters hayley woo ( and jayley woo (…? 😛 i like the way they look esp jayley but all these blogs are sooooooooooo boring. even with the periodical catfights.

  2. This one v chio, why you never include ->

  3. stooffi!!!! thanks for including me in the list 😀 you make me soo happy hahaha

  4. Very good list okay! Do not need to add anyone else on it! You have all the pretty + cute+ interesting bloggers inside already (Y)

  5. Great list! and I agree, some with interesting content-a-la Christine and Becks.

  6. how about irish manipis? just chanced upon her blog and decided to google her, quite popular in nus

  7. Nice one!! I think also very pretty.. Xiaxue is definitely good blogger!!!

  8. Good post! I also recently chanced upon I think she is quite pretty and she writes pretty well. Her website is the first on google when I search “blogshop model”. Does anyone about her?

  9. One advert cost avg like $150 to $3000, do the maths and now you know why some are not working full time!

  10. I think she is pretty too! Blogshop model, Apple!

  11. How come I am not in the list? Wahaha

  12. She’s a new hot Singapore blogger in London!

  13. I like Sophie!! She is half french, half singaporean.

  14. Omg finally a place which tells me who are the popular bloggers around the blogosphere. From your whole list I only know about 5 of them? LOL. Thanks alot ya :)) oh and I just started blogging recently as well, do check it out! 😀

  15. Really nice! I personally feel this blogger is quite pretty too with her direct and honest style of blogs!

  16. Here are some popular and chio bloggers in Singapore who I like because they are beauty with brains!

    Andrea Chong – Fashion blogger and Host of The F Word (Click Network TV). Undergraduate at NTU. Her blog has really nice pics about her life and her outfits. I like visiting her blog for fashion ideas!

    Jeraldine Phneah – Miss Singapore Finalist 2013 who writes an inspiring blog about achieving success in career / college, travel, food, current affairs and dating advice. Also from NTU.

    Veena Mccole – Wealthy and gorgeous mixed blood girl (Irish- Thai). Studying in International school in Singapore. Aspiring fashion journalist and freelance blogshop model. Her blog’s layout is also very attractive

  17. Thank you for the listing!

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