Hong Kong Octopus Card

So, I went bonkers lor when I saw Felicia’s Octopus Cards (octopi?)… they’re something like EZLink cards, except they have way cool limited edition collaborations with designers / brands, and they can be used for anything – including paying for your parking lot, your groceries at supermarkets or even fast food.



Octopus X Carrie Chau


Octopus X My Melody

and some others I found at their official site:


I don’t care so much about the increased functionality (yet…)(I think we will eventually get there lah), but HOW COME OUR EZLINK CARDS NOT SO CHIO? I guess SMRT just doesn’t care too much about making the ezlink card fashionable :<

wehh. so normal. so ugly.

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  1. hi steph! these look good!

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