Philips Simply SalonCurl

Invested in this baby:


Been looking to get a curling iron for quite a while now but hesitated because the ones I’ve come across were too expensive. Bought this girl on a whim for about $49 at Harvey Norman because I was really sick of my messy, shapeless hair.

I’ve previously tried, on several attempts, to curl my hair with an el cheapo hair straightener I got from Watson’s and never really succeeded. Plus it took me forever. What I loved about this this curling iron is that it heats up in less than 2 minutes and i really just need to wind a section of hair up around it, hold it there for a 10s and proceed to the next section. aaaand it’s 32mm so it gives me big big curls that I’m happy with! 🙂

Le results:



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  1. looks good! perhaps i should invest in 1 too!

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