I smile a lot when I’m nervous.

I smile a lot when I'm nervous.
I look like I’m chilling with the media and a beer in hand but in actual fact I felt like peeing in my pants.

Photo credit: The very talented Nicholas Lee.

So. #superwhite had a cosy turnout of about 30 awesome people and we spent it just chilling on like, 5 picnic mats. People brought whatever they felt like eating for dinner, and we were fortunate enough to have free beer from The Good Beer Company and tauhuay from Happy Boy Soya Bean. (kudos to the 3 kind souls who offered to bring them down). Also kudos to my co-organizer-who-refuses-to-be-acknowledged, Mr Longadin.

I have never been accosted by so many journalists in my life. Totally didn’t expect CNA, ZB, TNP, ST to cover this?? In fact, for some time there were more journos than… normal people. I realize I am amazingly awkward in front of cameras and feel highly uncomfortable talking to the media. Also, it didn’t help that they were all like, “SO, THIS IS NOT A PROTEST?”

Dude just cos we’re in Hong Lim Park doesn’t make us political activists. I just like eating and drinking and meeting new people.

‘Twas fun. Till next time.

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