I’m pegging little photos on twine and hanging them up on my wall and I realize – I’ve really had the blessing of being able to travel. And I’m so glad things like Facebook exist because I can, at any point and any time access these photos and jog amazing memories otherwise lost. 

So many, so many wonderful memories, studying and dancing in USA, backpacking Southeast Asia, visiting London, Paris and Greece on a budget, skiing in Vancouver, eating unhealthy stuff in Taiwan… I really have to thank God for these opportunities. I can’t imagine not being able to experience what it’s like outside of Singapore. Seeing so many amazing things and meeting so many amazing people.

And it shocks me that if not for the photos, I would’ve forgotten about 70% of the things I did, the little details that on hindsight, matter so much.

I’ve got to be more diligent about blogging from now on!

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