[AD] Outlet Shopping in Bandung

If you’re a Singaporean thinking about Bandung,

I bet you’re thinking about that pink, syrupy drink. Rose syrup + milk.


That was exactly what came to my mind when I first heard that I would be going to Bandung! Then I had this idea that Bandung was a little sleepy town with a volcano somewhere in its proximity.

Then I head it was a shopper’s paradise. Honestly, I was skeptical. Someone had told me Sri Lanka had factory outlets and I was sorely disappointed. I kinda thought Bandung’s outlet shopping would be on the same par. I’d only changed SGD $200 for 3 days. In the end? It was NOT ENOUGH.

Yes, shopping in Bandung is no joke – and it’s not just for the girls, there’s an equal amount of stuff for the guys and the kids, too!

Here are some of my favourite buys –



It’s common to find brands like MANGO, F21, H&M and Zara in the factory outlets. Prices aren’t exactly dirt cheap – a little more expensive than Bangkok, but the material and workmanship is definitely way better and it comes in sizes… good news to everyone that doesn’t fit into the stick-thin asian female stereotype that a lot of Thai wholesalers fashion cater to. “Free size”, they say.

Don’t expect Woodbury / American style outlets. The outlets in Bandung are actually quite “capalang” – you’ll find everything randomly arranged in one residential-like building, and it’s up to you to do the digging!

Key Areas:

There are basically 3 areas where all the factory outlets are:

1. Jalan Setiabudhi – Rumah Mode, Mode Plus, Fashion World
2. Jalan Dago – Level, Polo, Nike, Grande, Marc & Stuart, Uptown, Carla, Glow, Donatello
3. Jalan Riau – Summit, Heritage, Cascade, Secret

AS YOU CAN SEE, there are MANY outlets!! It’s shopping heaven!

Getting Around:

If you’re staying at a hotel that’s relatively central (we stayed at Gino Feruci Bandung), it’s pretty cheap to just cab around – the fare should just go up to about less than $5. Many of the cabs have a minimum fee of IDR20,000 – but that’s just about SGD$3.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try taking the angkot (a public minibus). We couldnt get a cab along the busy road of Setiabudhi so Alexis and I walked down the hill and took an angkot to Dago. Angkot drivers will slow down when they see pedestrians. Ask “pergi Dago tak?” (do you go to Dago?) when he winds down the window, and if he says yes, just hop on. The ride will cost you IDR2,000 per person… SGD$0.30 or so!

Once you reach a certain road, individual outlets are within walking distances from each other.


Rumah Mode was the first place we hit – and it’s also the most popular according to the Internets. I think both Alexis and I spent the most here. You can find a good range of stuff from H&M, F21… and even undies. I got a CK panty & bra set for less than $20. Oh yes their changing rooms are really nice too.



Underwear set, printed tanks, patterned pants and a satin LBD!

Next, we went to Mode Plus which was just next door. Didn’t buy anything – you can skip this.

Last stop at Setiabudi – Fashion World! Lots of coloured skinnies and basic tanks.



2 basic tanks, 1 patterned top and 1 chiffon pastel shirt.


This wasn’t on the list but it was too pretty to miss! Clothes weren’t exactly branded but they had a lot of basics in a lot of colours.



Green pencil skirt, graphic cropped top, 3 basic tees

Another outlet we visited in Dago:

Worth visiting too, I picked up some GAP shirts for Bob and a dress or two!



There were 2 things that I really wanted to try were the road side meals of Mie Baso and “this fried wonton thing” (exactly how I described to Alexis – I’d seen pictures of it online). As our cab rolled up to the junction of Jln Riau and I honestly don’t know what road, this cart caught my eye! MIE BASOOOOOO just beside Heritage Outlet.


The uncle asks if we want “asin” or “manis” – I only know manis means sweet, so we ask for one of each. I now realize, with the help of Google Translate, asin means “salty”. (Should’ve figured!)



Anyway, both were good! I kinda liked the “manis” more. Asin was salty and peppery. Both were really tasty… not sure if it’s the aji no moto…


Baso actually means meatball. With each bowl of noodles we got a bowl of soup that had fishballs, meatballs and ya, there you go, chicken feet!! Which I’ve always found scary. Alexis and I had none of that. Many feet had gone to waste. It’s about IDR 10,000 for a bowl of soup + noodles btw, less than SGD$1.30! But so good. Best meal I had in Bandung. Heh.


And then!! A few steps down and we found my “friend wonton thing”s. It’s called Batagor – which stands for Baso Tahu Goreng. (Apparently people in Bandung really like shortening everything. A local told us we should try “Internet” – Indomie, Telur and Kornet, which is corned beef.)


A serving costs about IDR 8,000, just about $1. It basically is fried fish dumplings and tauhu, served with sweet sauce and peanut sauce. Quite yummy.


With our tummies filled, we headed for the outlets again. I don’t know if we experienced some shopper’s fatigue, but we bought less and less as the day went by…

Here we visited Cascade, which I felt you could give a miss…

stAmp, also can give a miss, but if you’re looking for winter wear they have it here…

And The Summit. Which is worth visiting! They have a lot of branded bags, Cath Kidson luggages and nice work dresses.

All in all… I spent about $280++? For 3 dresses, 2 pairs of pants, 2 guys tees, 1 underwear set, 12 tops and 1 skirt.


How much did food blogger Alexis spend?

Estelle thought that as a food blogger, Alexis would only be looking at food the entire day.

Make a guess!!




(She spent more than I did)



The answer is about SGD$400. Look at the amount of VS undies she got!!! (On the right) Siaobo, one for every day.


Also, to check if the brands were legit, I did a bit of snooping and… I found this tank that I bought for SGD$6.70 retailing for…USD $12.90. Nubbad lah hor?

In summary, here are our top 3 must-go factory outlets if you have similar tastes in clothes (comfort first, like both patterned statement pieces and basic pieces) –

It’s not like you can’t get good buys from the rest, but they probably require a little more digging. Also, don’t expect to cover all areas in a day! Think 2 days is just nice. In fact, 3-5 days in Bandung would be perfect. The weather is great, the food is cheap, and as you can see, the shopping is amazing.

Besides shopping, we visited very nice cafes! Look out for posts on those coming soon 🙂

Wondering how to get to Bandung? AirAsia has affordable direct flights from Singapore.


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  8. Wow thank you for the post. I was googling Rumah Mode and found your page. I’m still deciding whether to go to Bandung for my holiday or somewhere else. Whenever I see “factory outlet” I would think of the Bicester Factory outlet near London ?.

    What other brands are there at those factory outlets you listed? I am a guy, looking for polo shirts and clothing from Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Under Armour, Nike etc..

    Thank you in advance,


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