L’Oréal Excellence – not bad.

I’ve been wanting to go red for the longest time but could never get a hairdresser to do it right. One that doesn’t require bleaching. Feeling bored with my hair, I decided to give DIY one more chance – I’ve tried stuff like palty and liese which don’t turn up as red as I would like them to. Went with Loreal Paris’s Excellence Fashion after watching this episode of tried and tested.



Here’s the packaging – went with INTENSE COPPER RED, $18.90, available at Watsons. (2 boxes – I have really thick hair.)

Got debs to help with it… after 30 mins, a long talk about life, and a long shower (I was trying to wash it out so that the water ran clear. It never did), here are the immediate results! Left, without flash, right with. You can see the high shine complex thing working.




Quite liked the colour! Not too garishly red, but obvious enough to be seen under some light.



Colour under sunlight, 2-3 days later.



Overall colour, 2-3 days later.


It took about a week for the red to stop bleeding in the shower – so be sure to use a black towel or a towel that you’re ready to dye. After about a week, the colour is a little less red and a little more brown… which is pretty typical of red dye jobs, especially if it isn’t bleached. But I’m quite happy with it, given it came out of a box, and I didn’t have to bleach my hair!

I love the convenience of DIY dyes. I always find it very cumbersome to do anything at salons. It always takes too much time, and you have to make small talk, and you have to deal with them trying to sell you packages, or more services or whatever. With DIY you can save a lot, eat whatever you want, walk around and do whatever you want, and just pop into your shower after.





  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    This hair color is so pretty!

    – KW

  2. Hi babe, did you use 1 or 2 boxes for your hair length? And is your previous hair colour black before you are able to get this shade of red?

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