[AD] Can you really lose weight with Pilates?

My first encounter with Pilates was with a Gyrotonic machine, and the emphasis was more towards posture correction, so that’s been my impression of Pilates – that it helps you with your alignment and such, more than anything else.

So I got a pleasant surprise when Pilates Fitness invited me to visit and take a few classes – they’re the first Pilates studio with an emphasis on weight loss. I’ve been through 3 classes to date and I’ll try to go every day for the next week, hopefully we’ll see some results (in time for my Maldives trip).

Just for records – at my first weigh in, my body fat percentage was 28% and my body age was 27. I was rather devastated!! 28% is bordering on unhealthy – and it’s more than a quarter of my body leh. Plus I haven’t even reached 25 zomg why is my body age 2 years older? :<

If you’re wondering what Pilates is like, you’re basically working with a machine called the Reformer all the time.

The Reformer actually makes sure you’re more aware of your body alignment while you’re doing the exercises, so that your form is right and you’re working the right muscles. It’s also zero impact – so if you have a bad back or knees, this is suitable for you. The Reformer (and the instructor) really make sure that you’re in the right form, and though it’s low impact it doesn’t mean it’s any less intense. There’s a bunch of springs and pulleys that increases resistance and tension. I’m pretty amazed about how many different exercises I’ve been challenged to do on one machine. I have also realized that my arms are so weak (they’ll start shaking with some exercises). You also have two weighted balls and a ring to use to increase the challenge with your exercises. BRING IT ON.

I really hate running and pushing myself with high intensity workouts a la THE INSANITY TEAM (I try, once in a while), but I’ve been loving the classes so far. Being in a stretch on the Reformer with high tension is sort of like sitting in a sauna – it’s a slow burn, slightly suffocating (but you’re reminded to breathe), not unbearable, but you know it’s good for you so you keep at it.

Did that make sense?

What I also like is that you know how in some gyms you get surrounded by the girls in the sports bras and hot bods, or the beefcakes trying to out-do each other in terms of reps or how much weight they can take? There’s no such competition here, and class sizes are small. This means the instructor can focus on individuals, and more importantly, you get to focus on yourself.

Curious about the results?

  • I usually cannot for the life of me find a good way to burn off the lower abdomen fat and wiggly butterfly wings under my upper arms, but right after the first session I could feel the aches in those places.
  • By the second session, my tummy felt trimmer – not because I lost the fat there, but I think because the muscles there are more toned, I look… less bloated, thankfully!
  • Also by the second session, my body age has decreased a year. Yay, one year closer to my real age!
  • I haven’t lost any weight but my body fat decreased by 2% by the 2nd session… and erm, increased again by the 3rd (I blame it on the booze)

Doubtful that Pilates could aid in weight loss? This woman lost 17kg in 5 months – with her only form of exercise being Pilates.

Fingers crossed, let’s hope this works. Will update you guys in a few days. Till then… look forward to more food posts lol.

Psst – Pilates Fitness has ongoing campaign called Weight Loss for A Cause. In view of World Heart Day, WLFAC is a 12-week long campaign where participants are weighed-in weekly (their body fat % & weight are measured), and $30 will be donated to the Singapore Heart Foundation for every KG lost by participants.

[EDIT: Promo time!] The good folks at Pilates Fitness are offering friends of stooffi a free trial class (for first timers only) that consists of a 30 minute intro and 55 min weight loss / core & body aches class. All you need to do is to:

1. “Like” their Facebook page
2. Look at their schedule (for a back to back intro + weight loss / body aches class)
3. Book your first class! Via email / calling / sms (details on their website)

Have fun and let me know how it goes! Good luck ah.

Pilates Fitness
434, Telok Blangah Road,
Singapore 098854
Tel: +65 9184 7622
Email: enquiry@pilatesfitness.com.sg

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