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group 2

For starters, I know NOTHING about running or running shoes. In fact, the Reebok Delta One is my first proper running shoe. Its predecessor was a cheap pair that I bought from Mustafa that cost me $25, which I used less that five times. Never was a fan of running shoes; the only sneakers I own are for dancing, which are mostly bought based on how good they look, how comfortable they are, plus how flat and broad the base is for better stability while dancing.


My first pair

Which of course are factors that have nothing to do with a good running shoe.

When I first saw the shoe I was pretty bowled over by the colour – it’s damn neon lor! At first I was presented two options – one that was more blue, and one that was more neon green. I chose the blue for aesthetic purposes… oops, turns out that colours shouldn’t be your priority with running shoes. The blue ones were meant for flat footed individuals.

Which I was not.



how do i

All the bloggers convened at the CrossFit Fire City and we were asked to give brief introductions. So there was a guy who blogged about running, there were 3 lifestyle bloggers who ran regularly, there were 2 fitness bffs and champions of eating clean, and then, there was me.

I said something along the lines of hating exercising, and that the only exercise I did was dance, and I didn’t even do it that regularly anymore.



Coach Sam, our designated coach, then proceeded to give us a walkthrough of what was going to happen today, and take us through some warmups.


So then we were taken out to have our running assessed.

group shot

With our new neon shoes, it was time to run!



of course, being bloggers, we had to Instagram that first…

i am last


Rare moment!!


Sam had a nifty iPad thingy that could record you as you ran, and then later playback in slow-mo so that he could better assess your running style.

I learnt that there were 3 styles of running:
Heel Strike: The heel makes contact with the ground first, followed by the forefoot
Midfoot Strike: The heel and the ball of the foot make contact with the ground simultaneously
Forefoot Strike: the ball of the foot makes contact with the ground first

Most of us ran with a heel strike (except Daph!) and apparently it’s really bad for the knees and body when you go heel first! This shoe is designed to reduce heel strike and guide you to run in a forefoot strike motion which according to my running friend Mr Sham Ong, is more natural and would in turn reduce the impact between the foot and the knee

So we did a few jumpy – jogging on the spot exercises to learn the proper posture of running.


I had never in my life thought so much about running before. Wasn’t it supposed to be a natural instinct?


After some tips, we set off for… a grand finale of 3 sets of running around the carpark + 30 squats!!

run with posture

Can you see the difference? (Ok, it’s called “toe off” and not push off…)

part 2 analysis

We had a 2nd round of analysis after, and it did show small improvements in our running style. Not bad, for just a few hours of training!

All in all, I learnt a lot about running in this exercise – studying your movement can really improve the efficiency of how you run; it really is a science. And thus it’s important to have a good shoe with the proper technology to support your feet and guide them through the entire movement. The gait assessment was also really interesting… you might want to try it if you’ve been running and experiencing leg or back pains! Just get someone to take a video of yourself as you’re running. Understanding your running style will also help you in getting the right shoe.

nice shoes

The Delta One has a good fit – the ones we were given were the Cushion version, so it’s really comfortable and absorbs impact well. There’s a Guide version for more advanced runners. What’s great about this series is that instead of being built bottom-up like most shoes, it’s designed to meet the cushioning and response needs of the 3 zones of your feet – the heel, midfoot and forefoot.

The Reebok One Series Collection comes in both men’s and ladies’ styles and is available at Stadium and selected Royal Sporting House stores from July 2013 onwards for $169 (regular retail price).



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