[Ad] 3D Eyebrow Embroidery at Perfect Brow House

I usually draw my brows when I go out, because my natural brows are super sparse; point in case:

A while back, I saw a friend who did eyebrow embroidery and it looked pretty good! She told me she had hers done at “the famous Bishan one” and so I did some research. Indeed Salon #1 at Bishan seems to be a top pick, but upon further research reviews are really mixed. Other popular spots with local bloggers are

As you can see, I really did a lot of desktop research! There were so many horror stories (of course not in the sponsored posts) of uneven brows, or the stylist not acceding to their customers’ requests or preferences. Some brows looked too thin for my liking, some brows looked too unnatural. I came across this review of Salon #1 by ponykisses and read her last para on Kelly from Perfect Brow House and went to Google that, bringing me to their Facebook page, and was pretty floored by the pics of the brows she’s done:

Eyebrow immediately after treatment

Eyebrow 1 week after treatment

Another pic of an eyebrow 1 week after treatment. Very natural looking! I can’t even tell which bits are tattooed on. I wanted to get them done ASAP before coming to Melbourne, so I decided to pay Kelly a visit at her shop at Toa Payoh (this post was written a long time ago! She has since moved!). I was expecting a shop with a room at least, but here’s managing expectations for you in case you’re thinking of going, Kelly’s shop space is your average hdb shop size – ie the ones with the ahbengs who sell the handphones and handphone cases. But it is air-conditioned and very clean. So here’s what happened –

1. Kelly took a look at my eyebrows (:< zomg ugly). If you can see, I actually have a brow that is higher than the other.

2. Kelly will draw on the desired brow shape – and she’s really particular about getting them as symmetrical as possible, even more so than I was.

I was worried that this was a little thick! But she reassured me that it would turn out thinner. 3. Numbing cream is applied on brows. I told her I was really scared of pain so she left it on for about half an hour

4. Kelly proceeded to use what I thought was a blade like thing but upon closer inspection after the procedure, a bunch of needles like this: (QUITE SCARY HOR?)

to apply 100% organic ink to my brows. The entire process goes on for about 2 hours, and I was really scared the effect of the numbing cream would fade off but thankfully it didn’t. It just feels like someone is plucking your eyebrows (for a really long time). Kelly works with one layer first,

…ensuring that the shape is consistent, before building over with two more layers. She said that some people just stopped here because it already looks very natural, but after scabbing and fading it wouldn’t really make a difference. So yes, a few more minutes of “poking” and this was the end result:

And like I said, she’s really very meticulous! Though she did give me a disclaimer that if I wanted to do this procedure I have to be prepared that my brows won’t look exactly symmetrical, she went through several rounds of checking and validation with her colleagues to see if the brows looked okay. What she does is she will take a front-facing photo with her phone and line it up against the borders of her phone to make sure that they are aligned – which I thought was a pretty nifty trick! Pics immediately after it was done:

After which Kelly passed me some scar cream and gave me some tips:

  • Apply cream every day for a week (which, btw, will make your brows very oily)
  • Eyebrows touching water is okay but pat dry
  • Don’t peel off scabs
  • Expect the after-scabbing effect to be about 50% of the thickness

Life after eyebrow embroidery: Day 1: Look a bit like la bi xiao xin / crayon shin chan

I actually went for a dinner after and my friends couldn’t stop joking about my brows!! :< Day 2 & 3: Brows are still pretty dark, no scabbing yet. Tried to hide my brows under a cap – I actually went for dance and sweat but was careful just to dab it off.

Day 4: Brows are still DARK and THICK!! Worried that it might remain this way forever, especially when I read that it should start scabbing and flaking. Wasn’t it supposed to decrease in size?? Would I forever be doomed to thick and unnatural looking eyebrows? Still, eyebrows felt a bit crusty, and I was a bit afraid to frown or raise either of them.

Day 5 & 6: Realize that … I’ve started to moult. Kind of happy but also kind of sad because it looks really weird. part of it is light coloured and part of it is dark coloured.

Day 7 (today): True enough, after 7 days, I have emerged from the chrysalis of Perfect Brow-dom.

Close ups – as you can see, the skin is still a little bit flakey and gross.

From far:

If you scrutinized the close up pics you’d realize that you can still see the tattooed lines up close, and some of them are partially faded. By right, I’m supposed to go back to Kelly after a week or a month for a free touch up basically because you can’t tell what the end result will be until you finish “shedding”, but, by left, I am in Melbourne now so I can’t. Verdict? I really took a gamble with this one, but I’m happy with how it turned out! As you can see it really looks natural. I’ll take more pics when I have make up on :\ True, it’s one week of inconvenience; for the first half of it I kinda just looked like I spammed too much eyebrow pencil and for the next 2 days or so I had uneven coloured brows. But that’s really bearable considering the fact that I won’t need to draw my brows for 2-3 years. Kelly has been doing brows for a whopping ten years already so she’s really professional and I can tell that she knows what she’s doing. To her, her priority is making her clients more confident and happy with their looks so she will constantly ask you if you think it’s okay. During the process she kept asking me to stand up, check in the mirror to see if it was okay, and acceded to my requests if I felt anything was uneven. Plus I think her pricing is very fair compared to some of the bigger salons, given the quality of service. Oh btw I’ve used the term “eyebrow embroidery” loosely but according to Kelly, eyebrow embroidery refers to the semi-permanent tattooing that will make you look like you drew your brows (coloured in area), whereas this is called 3D eyebrows (where they draw in brows by the strand so it looks more natural). Full list of Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Services and Pricing:

  • Eyebrow embroidery – SGD$228 + free touch up & scar cream
  • 3D eyebrow – SGD$588 + free touch up & scar cream
  • 4D eyebrow – SGD$988 + free touch up & scar cream
  • Eyeliner (by hand) – SGD$208 for upper lid, $388 for both lids
  • Eyeliner (using machine, apparently gives you a starker black) – SGD$388 for upper lid, $738 for both lids
  • Eyelash extension – Normal SGD$38, Strand by Strand SGD$68
  • Japan Babydoll eyelash extension – Normal SGD $58, Strand by Strand SGD$88
  • Lips – SGD$688 for normal lip tattoos, $988 for diamond lip tattoo (shinier)

Due to Kelly’s schedule, any eyebrow or lip embroidery by Kelly herself will require a top up of $200, and any other services by her will require a top up of $100. But of course, all the other beauticians and eyebrow specialists are trained by her as well and are equally experienced.

Perfect Brow House
60 Paya Lebar Road
#02-02 Paya Lebar Square
Singapore 409051

Tel: 63527012 / 91252256 / 96311058
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 12pm – 9pm

P.S. Check out her Facebook page for more pics of other clients’ brows / their website for more details


  1. Hello! I chanced upon your blog when I was researching on eyeliner embroidery! I made an appt with Kelly right after reading this post. Haha. Thank you for this! 🙂 and I have a question! May I know if you have any idea whether the ink will fade to an aunty-ish greenish tattoo on the eyes? You mentioned it’s 100% organic so I was hoping it wouldn’t leave a permanent greenish mark in future! 🙂 thank you!

  2. Hi, so did you do eyebrow embroidery or 3D eyebrow? 🙂

  3. Hi, just wanted to know if the process broke you out around the eyebrow area? Hesitant on getting it done 🙁 Great post, nonetheless!

  4. Hi Steph,

    Just curious what colour did you choose for your eyebrows? Yours look natural.


    • Hi Eve, honestly don’t remember i think it was a very dark brown, but she matches it to your original brow hair colour so it looks most natural 🙂

  5. I think all these shops offer the same stuff, different brand of equipment etc but price varies depending on their operating costs, higher price to cover for high marketing expenses, nicer interior of shop layout, etc. Essentially, it is the skill of the individual artist who work on your brows. Bigger name brands tend to offer greater confidence (psychologically) but doesn’t mean lesser known shops don’t have great artists…very hard decision for me. I can afford paying more, but is it better??
    Steph, I don’t read many blogs but I appreciate you stating upfront that your post is advertorial unlike what I have seen in other blogs while researching on this.

  6. hi!! i just did my brows ytd and it’s killing me bc it’s really so thick rn!! would it get any thinner after a week ?-

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