[AD] So did I lose weight with Pilates?

Not gonna butter it up – after going for reformer pilates classes for a week, I really didn’t lose any weight. But it could also be due to the fact that in the same week, I ate like a cow. But I’m not gonna deny that I definitely feel more toned!

My one week with Pilates Fitness was an eye opener, really. It’s my first time actually working out with machines (yes, I don’t go to the gym…) and I actually prefer it to yoga. I remember with yoga I’d have to struggle much more with my own body, push limits with flexibility in poses that made me feel a little suffocated and uncomfortable. With reformer pilates, I never need to second guess which muscles I’m supposed to work because I can actually feel that specific muscle / group of muscles working.

The machine, as mentioned in my first post on this, makes you more aware of your body alignment, and with small class sizes and experienced coaches, it’s pretty hard to lose your form. So though the reps are not as many as what you’ll probably chiong in the gym, you can feel its efficacy.

A lot of you commented that the machine looks scary! It’s not at all, and it actually makes exercising so much easier because there is virtually NO impact. I’m also pretty amazed at the number of variations of workouts you can do on it.

For example…

After a certain number of weight loss / body aches classes you get to try jumpboard which is pretty crazy. I thought it would be fun at first when I tried it:

Basically you’re jumping horizontally, but it requires a bit more energy to push off because of the tension springs in the machine. The jumpboard class was pretty killer – it burns a lot more (cardio!!)… after a while I wanted to give up. TOUGHHHH.

Let me show you my favourite pose:

Lol. Poofed out after jumpboarding.

So… the verdict? Being a person who never cared much about exercise, I actually enjoyed reformer pilates because the exercises are very targeted and it’s low impact, which is perfect for my condition. It also means that I can work the muscles I don’t usually know how to work – ie lower abs, the butterfly bits in my arms, inner thighs. AAND it’s not like crazy high intensity workouts, which make me feel like giving up all the time.

In the week I went I also saw clients of different ages, shapes, sizes and genders – which proves that anyone can do this (even pregnant women). There are probably better ways of losing weight (having a disciplined diet, for one, and doing more cardio workouts like running, or jumpboard every day) but this is a very good way of keeping toned for sure.

And if you think I’m bullshitting, here you go – just after 4 sessions:

Ba-dum-tss. Hopefully… I can maintain that.

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