Week 1 in Melbourne & Shillington.

Arrived in Melbourne late Friday and I was FREEZING (still freezing…) but hey, the view from my apartment is pretty awesome. Location is pretty awesome too!

Everyone tells me Melbourne CBD is easy to navigate, it’s like a grid – but that’s exactly what throws me off doesn’t it? Everything’s in squares! That’s what’s confusing!

Weekend snaps: I think I met every Singaporean I know in Melbourne 3 days.

So this was from a coffee place near Queen Victoria Market…

…which has really cheap and fresh produce, managed to snag a tray of like 12 pcs of scotch fillets for $10!!!

And uhmmm really essential plugs for $3. Still ex. But they retail at Big W for four times more.

Did a short visit to St Kilda’s and walked around Luna Park, which was smaller than what I expected it to be…

Doggies at St Kilda’s flea

Visited a food truck parking place too, which was pretty cooool.

Checked out some amazing graffiti in the CBD.

I’ve been drinking these soups from Woolworths too, they were 4 for $10, low fat and taste good too. Have been TOO lazy / tired to cook man. Not good.

Popped into T2 for free samples and whiffs of all their tea… so good! But so ex!!

Did the Melby thing and met people at “the clock”…

And Monday started! Off to Shillington I went. School starts at 8am which is an UNGODLY hour of 6am SGT; I am still struggling to wake early, but I hear the secret is (surprise surprise) to sleep early (at… 9.30pm) which I haven’t done in a while, but I have time…

I’ve survived five days of waking early and having really intense seshs in school! The first day was pretty standard, admin, getting to know each other (we’re a good size, class of 20). Day 2 we dived straight in to InDesign and so far we’ve been learning about the principles of design (pretty different from what we learnt in art class. Alignment, Repetition, Contrast, Hierarchy, Balance YES I GOT DIZ) and working with layouts, type, photos (all in black and white though).

My view, errday.

There are breaks at 10am and 3am, lunch breaks from 12.30 to 1.30 (writing all of this down because the Internets are majorly lacking in info on Shillington…) and what I like is, though the hours are long, you have the time to learn something and apply it after – and if you have any questions, someone’s there for you. What happens is usually there’s a short lecture before we receive a brief, work through the brief, and have discussions / critiques on our designs. The standard of the other students is also really high (seriously??? BEGINNERS??? liars) so there’s a little bit of pressure to push harder, which is always good!

I really wanted to visit a lot more of the indie cafes that are so popular in Melbs – everyone says the coffee here is really good but so far I’ve had really subpar coffees! (Or has Bob been making such great coffees that I’m spoilt?) Because school starts at 8 and ends at 5 (when everything closes) I can either:

  • Wake up waaaaay earlier and go for brunch (not possible. Not in this week… or the next, at least.)
  • or visit them during lunch (will be too ex to do so every day though. Maybe once a week?)

I’ll post a list of cafes I’ve marked out in the CBD soon, just for my own reference. BTW food in Melb is crazy expensive…

In other news, there is really nothing much to do in Melbourne after school so I’ve been dancing at Passion Dance Studios which has been very cool. I will also be subbing Alicia’s KPOP classes for the next two weeks, which is also very cool and slightly unnerving.

Totally gonna be a tourist tomorrow! Can’t wait! It has also been rainy and cold and gloomy, can’t wait for it to turn “summer” soon.

Oh yes! Expect more design-related stuff on this blog in the near future.

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