KRIMPER, Melbourne

My first hipster cafe experience in Melbourne! Everyone tells me about how great the cafes and coffees are here.

Krimper’s located in a little alley, hidden behind unassuming doors. Wasn’t too crowded for lunch on a Saturday. Seems like they’d just opened, and are probably less than a month old?

Cute warehouse setting; they had a cute little enclave that seats four or five. The place is a comfortable size, not too spacious that it feels cold, not too small that it’s claustrophobic. It was cosy and casual, as all cafes should be.

Food was so good – sorry I didn’t think of taking down prices. We had a wagyu burger with fat chips, and a smoked fish, eggs, fried cheeseballs on a bed of rocket. Everything was really tasty yet not overly seasoned, testament to how good organic local produce can be here in Aussie. Coffee was good too, tried the single origin espresso, beautifully done, a refreshing change from the sour stuff we always get at Singy.

And here’s a pic of the flat white Debs had

2 mains, 3 coffees totalled to about AUD$50.

Check out their Facebook page for the full (revamped!) menu and better pics.

20-24 Guildford Lane
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Tel: 03 9043 8844

Opening hours:
Monday – Thursday: 0700 – 1700
Friday: 0700 – 2100
Saturday & Sunday: 0800 – 1600

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