6 reasons why CNY is a little bit painful

1. Having to dress ang kee kee / trying to throw together old clothes to make them look like a new outfit.

2. This. Especially when your mandarin is not very good and nobody has taught you the right things to say. And then having to do it over and over and over again.

3. Incessant comments / questions, of which you have to answer incessantly…

4. Doing all that painfully, with a smile.

5. You have 2 distractions, both are limited and can only get you so far. First, your smartphone

6. Second, stuffing your face in CNY goodies. Though delicious, are terribly harmful to your body. That said, I love CNY because it’s a good excuse to buy new clothes, meet up with old friends, I love pineapple tarts and bakkwa and all the other yummy yummy things and of courseeeeeeee I love angpaos yay.



  1. This is very cute stooffi

  2. Wow, was just browsing through local bloggers when I found yours, gotta say I really enjoyed reading it cause that about sums up my chinese new year lol. Oh, I write about life and stuff too, just started, maybe head over and have a few laughs? Cheers!

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