Berocca Boost Digital Detox Day Out: Antigravity Yoga and Wakeboarding

A week or two back Berocca Boost posed a challenge to get some of us bloggers (who, admittedly spend a bulk of our time online) to take a digital detox. Get off the Internet, stop staring at screens, off our butts and into the wild world of… being active offline. We were given a $200 budget and were told to plan our own digital detox day out.


Of course I freaked out a bit. I rely a lot on my phone to keep myself occupied in awkward situations. Or when I’m alone. Or, in almost any situation really. But okay lah, a few hours off the Internet shouldn’t hurt. And it was the perfect opportunity to try something new.


I received a “Boost Box” earlier in the week that contained:

Then came an email the next day that revealed the plan: flying yoga in the morning and wakeboarding in the afternoon.
No idea what flying yoga was about – Google it and you get this:


and I’d never tried wakeboarding before so okay, I was even more nervous. I was told I could bring someone along too (yay!).

On Saturday I thought


And then I boosted my day with

Berocca Boost actually tastes pretty good! Besides containing a mix of vitamins and minerals, Berocca Boost also contains a fast-acting natural energizer: guarana. In fact, people in the Amazon rainforest region have used berries from the guarana plant as a natural energizer for centuries. Thanks to Berocca Boost, I didn’t need to travel that far to get a healthy performance boost. It really helped because I don’t usually wake up early on Saturdays to get out and about!

So after the boost, off I went to do some of this

(this is the instructor, btw, who was from NTU MJ and Chinese Dance too!)

and that

FLYING YOGA TOTALLY ROCKS MAN. Basically, gravity works for you while you’re suspended in the air. You get to do cool things you never thought possible, like flying in the air or hanging around like spiderman. The best part is when you get to relax in the hammock at the end of the class. You kind of get lulled into a very relaxed state (a la baby in a crib). It’s not very strenuous but you get a good stretch out of it.

Try it for one week at $55 at Upside Motion.

After invigorating myself I headed to Punggol with Nina – both of us had never wakeboarded in our lives so we had a lot of questions in our heads… like, what to wear? (bimbotic) How does it work? … Would we drown?

En route to Ryders, we already knew we were in for something different.

Just check out the scenery.

Punggol’s actually a pretty cool place to chill! At Ryders we were told by owner Jay that we had to get on a boat with our driver/instructor Jasmie, and just take things from there. The place where we learnt to wakeboard was just going to be in the open waters by Seletar Island. (Yes, there is a Seletar Island.) No on ground training, nothing.

First you get into a boat that takes you to the wakeboarding area.

Then, you get a little crash course on how it works:

Then you get thrown into the water:

And they leave you there (with the thing to hold on to, of course) 

And, I was lucky enough… to get up and going!

It was really quite an experience riding the waves and seeing a side of Singapore I’d otherwise not have seen. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have even tried wakeboarding (or floating yoga) if not for Berocca Boost.

It was a great feeling floating in the air and then on the water, and I’d definitely do it again!

So… posing the question back to you, what adventures can you and a friend get up to, if you had S$200? Think about it and respond to this question on Berocca Boost’s Facebook Page. If they like what you plan, they’ll make it happen for you too! Five best entries will win a sponsored digital detox day out, powered by Berocca Boost, with their own BoostBox.

What’s more is that these finalists can stand a chance to win a trip to Bali! All they need to do is encourage friends and family to LIKE Berocca Boost Singapore’s Facebook page and LIKE a post that outlines their digital day out. The participant who has the most likes during the voting period will win the grand prize: a trip for two to Bali (including accommodation, air fares, adventure activities). Runners up and voters stand to win Berocca Boost products and vouchers for some fancy activities in Singapore. (This one’s only for Singaporeans / PRs in Singapore!)

Take up the challenge – a day off the Internet will do you some good 🙂

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