8 Cats you should be Following on Instagram

In no particular order –

1. @tomochunba – those eyes!!!

2. @hamilton_the_hipster_cat – has a moustache. ‘Nuff said.

3. @samhaseyebrows – has eyebrows. ‘Nuff said.

4. @snoopybabe – ngawww I think this is the most famous cat on Sina Weibo!!!

5. @nugget_pancake – has nugget paws :3

6. @nala_cat – again, eyes you can never say no to

7. @leonliu – Uncle Liu has a really round face and always wears cute ties

8. @juntowa – has 3 cats and a strange looking dog, but the one that has caught my eye is really the ginger cat

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  1. Check out stacyname, fishballcat, moonx, and ymeiying!

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