Life After Shillington

I never thought it I would end up like this, but here’s some snippets of life after Shillo:

  • I realize not enough people know how to use InDesign and that makes me sad, because that usually means they don’t use grids, and that makes me even sadder.
  • It also means that they don’t use paragraph styles, and that also makes me sad because they’d be wasting a lot of time manually formatting text and stuff.
  • Using Illustrator to design booklets, I don’t understand.
  • I seriously wish I could use InDesign for everything. Using Word and Powerpoint make me sad.
  • When I receive a file with superfluous elements of design added in to embellish, I start questioning the function of the design, and when I realize it serves no purpose but I’m not in a position to tweak things, I am annoyed.
  • When I receive a file with no grid set up, I am annoyed. I find myself setting up a grid and re-formatting everything.
  • When I receive a Photoshop file with unnamed layers, I am annoyed. I find myself re-naming and grouping All The Layers.
  • Bad k ern i ng. Cannot be unseen.
  • Single words sitting lonely on lines. Cannot be unseen.
  • I still can’t decide if I like text that’s justified left and right. I think I am leaning towards no.
  • I miss Melbourne
  • I think I need a scanner.

Oh man. I’ve turned into a design snob??




  1. Hi stooffi!
    I follow you on Instagram as well and I’ve been meaning to ask you about Shillington as I am thinking of going there myself but unsure about job prospects when I finish. I’m based in Melbourne but wanting to move to Sydney as a graphic designer in the future. Are you a graphic designer after Shillington? I’m not too sure if you get these questions a lot or not. I’m super curious to know how it was and if it’s worth the time as I’ll be doing it part time. I went to the info night already and it looked very attractive. My main question is am I able to get a design job out of this and if they help you with this at all?
    Thank you, hoping to hear from you!

    • Hi Sarah!
      My main focus is social media marketing, which marries a bunch of skills that includes graphic design. Shillo was a great way for me to learn to think critically and pick up the tools. Also, I managed to find a placement as a graphic designer very quickly when I just got back to Singapore. One thing Shillo trains you to do is to talk through your portfolio which I thought really helped!
      Hope this answers it. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have more questions.

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