Cheap live oysters at $2 a pop in Singapore

Bob and I had some pretty darn good oysters at Pambula, Australia. By far, the best oysters I’ve ever had. I usually hate eating oysters – couldn’t down more than 2 in one seating. At Pambula, I ate a whole tray of a dozen… it was that good!

Following that, we tried the oysters at Tanuki Raw – $2 a pop (max 6pcs with every drink purchased). Wasn’t a bad deal, since oysters typically cost from $6 – $12 in Singapore.

Then we decided to try getting them from wholesalers, and found ourselves in a wonderland in Geylang.

(Not what you’re thinking.)

Allswell seafood market holds a whole range of live, premium seafood imported from all over the world, including Boston lobsters, Alaskan king crabs ($100-$200, you usually pay about twice to three times the amount in restaurants), abalone, prawns, different types of fish and of course, what we came for – oysters! They had Pacific oysters from Australia, Canada and the USA; everything was kept alive and well in fresh water tanks with water closely regulated by the people who work there.

Oh yes. Fat geoducks too.

As you can see, here are troughs of oysters, $2-$6 each depending on size. Bob and I went for the smallest ones at $2 each, not just because they were the cheapest, but because eating big oysters can get a little gross with the innards spilling out and such.

So what you do is tell the friendly uncle how many pieces you want, and if you aren’t skilled at shucking oysters, get them semi-shucked for you.

We brought them back in a bag, along with two frozen Boston lobsters ($15 ea), chucked the oysters in the fridge and proceeded to go grocery shopping (bought lemons, tabasco and stuff)…. which took longer than expected. I think we returned about 2-3hrs later.

Took the oysters out of the fridge and fully shucked them by using a knife to open them, and “unpeeling” the flesh from one side of the shell. Would recommend rinsing them under a running tap to washout the debris from the shell, as well as other unidentified objects (we met a worm in one of them).

The only downside? They were still alive, man. I kinda lost my appetite after studying this one.

I guess if this doesn’t bother you and you’re a hardcore oyster fan, it’s worth purchasing them from the wholesaler. No terms and conditions (except having to clean them yourself) come with the low price of these oysters. Down them with your beverage of choice in the convenience of your own home.

Allswell Marketing Live Seafood Market
670, Geylang Road
Singapore 389597

Operating Hours: 8.30am – 7pm
Open Daily (Mon-Sun including public holidays)
Office Tel: (65) 6745 1123


  1. Oyster that is alive feels weird, but hey, it’s so fresh! Gonna go buy a dozen of it when I head to Singapore the next time! Man, this is really good!

  2. whoa, that looks reaally fresh. Any idea what kinda oysters you had a Tanuki, and Allswell?

  3. Come to our Oysters Tuesdays. Freshly shucked oysters at $1.50++ each ( unlimited with main course order) every Tuesday for the last 11 years. Served over 1 million fresh oysters to Oysters Lovers at 34/38 Greenwood Avenue. This is not a promotion but a Tradition of Greenwood Fish a Market. Being direct importers of fresh oysters depending on seasons from Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand & US. Tel: 64674950
    Call Alan Lee @ 91851420 for a reservation.
    We had a successful 3rd World Oysters Festival in July 2014 bringing in over 20 varieties of the best available fresh oysters in season.

  4. We find it hard to get quality lobsters at a fair price so we have started importing our own. Please check out our website at

  5. I definitely would NOT consider anything from Allswell premium. At best, they offer average quality seafood at wholesale prices. In fact, they don’t offer anything different than any other live seafood wholeseller in town. The only advantage they have is their location in Geylang (no need to drive to Jurong or Senoko).

    I also would question the authenticity of what they offer with regards to origin and the actual product itself. Example: they offer live Alaskan King Crab year-round, when King Crab from Alaska is only harvested a few weeks out of the year and claiming to sell/offer a “breed” of oyster called a kusshi.

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