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Had my first encounter with mille crepe at Nadeje, Melaka. I was drawn by how it looked, and the thought of how much work must’ve gone into making that pastry – so many layers of thin crepes, each separated by an even layer of cream! Unfortunately I was rather disappointed when we got to try it.

Lady M’s mille crepe showed up on my Instagram news feed a couple of times and I thought I should give it another try! Happened to be in the area.

I actually really love the simplicity of the setup – plain white walls, table tops and chairs. The wait staff were really pleasant and attentive. One of them passed me the menu and mentioned that there were two or three seasonal cakes that were off the menu, so I headed over to the cake display to check them out.


I appreciate cakes that are both light and moist. The cakes that really stood out for me were the mille crepe cakes and the strawberry shortcake! But I was there alone so I decided to go with the one that intrigued me most – matcha mille crepe.


Drink of choice was Lady M’s iced grey.

Absolute bliss! One bite into it and you can tell that they used quality matcha powder, and the cream between each thinly made crepe was really light and airy, yet it didn’t compromise on the flavour. I heard this isn’t a mainstay so I’d definitely recommend that you try it soon if you love matcha! The iced earl grey was a perfect match – it came with a side of sugar syrup so you can adjust the sweetness to your liking. All in all I’d recommend this as a perfect tea time snack that’s not too heavy.

Cakes range from $7.50 – $10 a slice; you can also order whole cakes at $65 – $95. The iced grey cost $4.50. Other beverages include juice, coffee, tea… and champagne 😉

Lady M Confections Singapore
Marina Square Shopping Mall, 6 Raffles Boulevard #02-103
Opening hours: 11.00 am – 9.00 pm daily

Facebook page | Official Website

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  1. Been wanting to try this for the longest time ever! And it looks so yummy, oh my.

    But I thought the place Lady M was a little too small for the overwhelming response.

    Couldn’t get a seat when I tried to walk in the other day and had to wait for like 45 mins. WTF. 🙁

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