Mother’s Day with Eu Yan Sang

I woke up really late on Mother’s Day this year because I’d spend all day yesterday helping out at a dear friend’s wedding. I’d offered to take her out for dinner, but she’d said that since my dad was overseas, she’d rather celebrate when he was back.

And instead of me pampering her, she treated me to a 1.5hr thai massage later in the afternoon.(Thanks mummy!)

That’s what I appreciate about my mum – we’ve had our highs and lows, but she’s always given me more than what I’ll ever deserve. She’s been my pillar of strength through the hard times, and someone I look to for advice on life, love and everything in between. If I were to pick one trait that I admired most about her, it would be her resilience – her ability to get through any tribulations while remaining calm and composed – without a hair out of place. That’s my mum for you – we’re really different in terms of personality, but I love her nonetheless, and I’m very grateful for her love as well!

In the evening, I prepared a bowl of bird’s nest soup for her. Bird’s nests are traditionally known to be perfect for women because they contain anti-aging properties and are rich in nutrients and minerals – which gives skin a youthful, smooth radiance and aids in important body functions. Psst… it’s also cholesterol free.

I’d really never done any cooking before, but thankfully I had some help from the folks at Eu Yan Sang.

The raw bird’s nests that retails at Eu Yan Sang is harvested in pollution-free natural environment of Kalimantan, resulting in quality birds nests that are clean and nutritious, with low debris content. BTW Eu Yan Sang also only harvests nests after swiftlets have abandoned them – it’s good to know that no birds were harmed in the process!

There are 2 types of bird’s nests that retail at Eu Yan Sang:

The Royal Golden Bird’s Nest, which has a distinctive, crunchy texture (from $238)

And the Superior Crystal Bird’s Nest that is softer and smoother (from $198)

Preparing the bird’s nest dish is really easy, even for someone who doesn’t cook regularly đŸ™‚

First, soak the bird’s nest in a bowl for about an hour – it will expand up to 8-10 times. Pictured below is the royal golden bird’s nest at actual size, and the superior crystal bird’s nest at full size after soaking.

Next, place the soaked bird’s nest in a slow cooker or double boiler (never with a direct flame), adding just enough water to cover. At this point, you can also add other ingredients to taste. Commonly used ingredients are rock sugar, red dates and wolf berries (which I used); some people also add ginseng slices, pandan leaves, dried longans and/or ginger.

Cook for 30 min, then check at 15 min intervals for desired texture. Some people prefer theirs chunky and “crispy”, others prefer it soft and silky. I cooked mine for about an hour.

Voila! Done!

It is said that bird’s nest soup is best consumed on an empty stomach and just before sleep, when cells are undergoing renewal, so I prepared this for mum after dinner.

Thank you Eu Yan Sang for the treat! Mummy Phua really enjoyed the tong shui… and she is looking younger already… don’t we look alike?

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