Dear Australia

Dear Australia,

Thank you for reminding me that I am human, and a very small speck of the universe (sometimes we forget). I miss you, and the times you left me with no choice but to slow down and look around.

To Melbourne,

I miss the sights and sounds of buskers down Swanston street, the mish-mash of hip hop, acoustic guitars and the occasional classical cello. I miss exploring markets and being inspired by fresh produce and fresh ideas. I miss sitting down in front of a little grass hill wedged in between the public library and Melbourne Central. I miss the little cafes you had in every nook and cranny, run by the most passionate of baristas and bakers.

To the coast,

I miss driving past acres and acres of grass, speckled with cows and the occasional alpacas. I miss sitting in front of oceans, complaining about the chilling sea breeze, but staring out into the brilliant blues of sea and sky. I miss lying on plain fields and looking up into a the greater universe filled with stars. I miss wading near beaches and finding little creatures between crevices and seaweed.

Nowadays, I look at sunsets through a tiny screen that fits in my palm. A typical day is spent sitting in front of an electronic box, talking to it, reading from it, exploring the world through it. Food is a transaction made between myself and strangers.

Life is truly not the same since I’ve left you, dear friend.

But perhaps someday we will meet again.

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  1. Will be going to Melbourne this coming September, I will probably miss it too when I’m back

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