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Been eating a lot of angmor-pai food lately, so it was a nice change to get to have some good seafood done Thai style. Maggie Thai and Chinese Restaurant is an unassuming restaurant tucked in a corner of Liang Seah Street – in fact, according to Maggie, they were the one of the first restaurants at Liang Seah. They’ve been there since 1998 and are still standing (amidst other ever-changing tenants), and after speaking to the owner, Maggie, I can really tell why. She’s constantly on her toes, making sure she’s offering the best quality food to her patrons.

The Ambience

Stepping into Maggie’s is really a unique experience – no hipster naked bulbs or typical naked cement floors here; instead, the walls are adorned with really cute paintings of creatures under the sea…


and Maggie’s husband’s clock collection!


As you can probably tell from the first photo, the place is really laid-back and casual. It’s the kind of place you can just rock up in a baggie tee and shorts, sit down, and enjoy a good meal with a bunch of friends or family.

The Food

You can’t enjoy Thai food without taking a swig out of a young, fresh Thai coconut. 

We were really excited to try some of Maggie’s signature dishes. I won’t go into detail, but they’re all reasonably priced at about $12-$30, depending on the portion size.

First up, prawns done 2 ways!


Salted egg prawns


Cereal prawns

The prawns were very succulent and well cooked. I’m quite a sucker for both cereal prawns and salted egg prawns, and I think you can’t really go wrong with either choice. Both are killer combinations. Cereal prawns are more crispy overall, while the salted egg prawns are also coated with a crispy batter, but topped off with a savoury-sweet salted egg sauce.

Very yum.


Here’s the squid dish we had – butter friend squid… aka calamari. The texture of the squid was surprisingly bouncy – I bit into it half expecting it to be a little soft and soggy. Maggie mentioned that she used squid freshly shipped in from Malaysia; none of that frozen stuff. Again, another crowd pleaser, and also very yum.

Next on the list is the red curry beef, which was thankfully not as spicy as it sounded. The beef was very tender – the texture actually resembled venison more. Would say it’s a pleasant and tasty dish, but not the star…


…which, to me, is actually this dish – the assam fish. I drool just thinking about it as a write. I love the sweet, sour and tangy combination of assam; and it goes perfectly with a fresh grouper. I can’t take spicy stuff, but stuff I make exceptions for are laksa, tomyam and assam! Because the flavours are worth my tearing and sniffing!


Maggie is also really generous with the vegetables that accompany it. It’s perffffect for a cosy sit down dinner, and you can take your time to slowly lap up the sauce over rice when you’re done with the fish and veg.


This however, was my favourite dish – deep fried grouper. In mandarin it sounded something like 3-flavour-sauce-fish. I enjoyed it for its texture – crispy on the outside, perfectly flaky on the inside, and the sauce was a perfect mix of salty-sweet which went very well with the fish.

Last but not least, we had the thai-style steamed fish, which was very, as the hokkiens might put it, “cheng”. Cooked with lemongrass and lime juice, it’s a minimalistic dish which plays up the freshness of the fish. The rich flavours of the rest of the dishes easily overpower this one, the simplicity of this dish stood out – and that it was very well cooked.


All in all, I enjoyed every single one of the dishes that Maggie had prepared for us. I like the homely vibe they have, it’s definitely a good place to bring the family, friends and even foreigners visiting Singapore. They have other seafood dishes too – like crab and crayfish, and staples like hokkien mee, chicken rice, fried rice etc if you need your carbs!

P.S. For those who stay in the West, Maggie just opened an outlet at JEM as well.

Maggie Thai & Chinese Restaurant
(Main Outlet)
1 Liang Seah Street, #01-01/02
Singapore 189022

(2nd Outlet)
50 Jurong Gateway Road,
Jem Food Court, #05-14
Singapore 608549

Opening Hours (main outlet)
Mon – Thu: 11am – 11pm
Fri: 11am – 11.30pm
Sat: 11.30am – 11.30pm
Sun: 11.30am – 11pm

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