A very secretive cafe: Whale & Cloud

Edit: last I heard, W&C is on a hiatus now.

Locating Whale & Cloud was quite an adventure (I’ll let you know how to find it at the end of this post). I’d found them on instagram and thought it would be nice to stop by, since they only opened on weekends / Saturdays for a few hours (while beans lasted). What makes it a little more cryptic was the lack of an address – and I realized why.

Whale & Cloud’s located at the back of a shop house – that means while the internet says it’s on Niven road, it isn’t really. It’s on an unnamed road at the back of Niven, and while the number – 48 3/4 – keeps things very intriguing it doesn’t quite help.

When I actually found the place, I grabbed the door handle and frantically tried to pull at it, slide it open etc etc to no avail. So I looked into the peephole and knocked.

Photo credit: Whale & Cloud.

Handy tip, people, that is what you should do if you want to get in.

And one of the owners opened the door, which opened into a cosy little wonderful place bathed with sunlight. An eclectic mix of brick and bearbrick, naked bulbs and resting kitchen machines, a smeg fridge, a few curated products, a beautiful library of publications.

Photo credit: Whale & Cloud.

One of the partners (I didn’t get her name! Sorry!) loves baking and she makes very lovely looking pastry that’s displayed in the centre. Didn’t get a chance to try it – woud like to one day!

And here’s the other partner, Olivia, who makes coffee in a little nook in the corner.

Each cuppa comes with a side serving of gem biscuits!

Whale & cloud operates on a pay-as-much-as-you-like basis for coffee.

So the verdict, to be honest, is that the coffee is not bad but not the best, but it’s a nice place to visit (in small groups – the entire cafe isn’t that big!). Because of its size and set up, walking in feels like you’re being welcomed into someone’s living room, and the fact that you get to see the baker behind the pastry and the barista behind the coffee lends personality to the place. Also because it’s a little bit of a secret place, that makes it all the more charming. I’d definitely come back to try the cakes!

P.S. the interior was very tastefully done up by the guys at wynk collaborative

OK here we go. Here’s how you find Whale & Cloud:

Locate Rex Cinema:

Do not walk to Niven road! Instead, take the alley before Niven. You’ll see a yellow building with this sign. Follow the arrows!

You’ll then see this interesting set up – it’s a korean bbq place btw.

Walk further down and you’ll spot this graffiti. Keep the faith, you’re nearly there:

You should see the iconic back door. Take a peek in if you must, and knock for someone to come open it!


I can’t give you an address or opening hours :< please check their insta to keep track! I think it’s usually 9am – 4pm on Saturdays.




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