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I remember the first time I was introduced to alkaline water – I had a friend who had pretty bad skin in uni, and a few months later I met her again and she was literally glowing. I asked what her secret was and she told me she drank alkaline water and used slightly acidic water to wash her face.

So when StarWater invited a few of us bloggers over to their premises for a cooking demo, I was curious to learn more about their product, its benefits and how it could be used in cooking.

When I stepped into their office, I was already half sold on their product – the staff are, honestly, not say very young… but their complexions were all glowing, no kidding. (Take a look at the photos further down)

Most of us tend to be over acidic in our body. The food we eat burns with the oxygen in our cells to produce energy, and after burning, the food becomes acid waste that is dumped into the bloodstream. Our body then gets rid of the waste through urination, respiration and perspiration; but these wastes are not usually entirely flushed out.

Instead, they are instead stored somewhere in the body. High acidity within the body ican dramatically lower your immunity and increase susceptibility to illnesses and other symptoms, including:

  • Fatigue
  • Fatness
  • Allergies
  • Brain fog
  • Gout

Daily consumption of alkaline water and alkaline food restores the pH in our body. Alkaline water encourages circulation throughout the body, neutralising acidity and balancing the body’s pH in the long run. On top of that, it also

  • Boosts our immunity
  • Fights aging
  • Hydrates
  • Detoxifies

Ionized water also exists in smaller clusters of molecules, giving it higher solvency and osmotic force – this means drinking ionized water can increase a body’s metabolism and improve the processes taking place within our human tissues.

Here’s a test that proves alkaline water permeates and solves things like coffee, tea and loose powder much faster than normal drinking water!


Some other interesting test that I found online:

In the simple test below, each jar contains two ordinary steel nails. Alkaline Ionized Water was added to the jar on the left. Ordinary Tap Water was added to the jar on the right. Alkaline Ionized Water quickly showed anti-oxidant benefits. Tap water quickly showed oxidizing, or accelerated aging.

In the next simple test, three grapes were immersed in different containers for 60 seconds each. The first grape was placed in a jar containing alkaline water. The second grape was placed in a jar containing acid water. The third grape in the test was placed in a jar containing ordinary tap water. The grapes were then left in the air at room temperature and photographed over the course of the following ten weeks.


Whoa. What a difference.

Another interesting thing! They were showing us how alkaline / acidic some commonly consumed liquids were using an indicator – cool colours indicate alkalinity and warm colours indicate acidity.

The jar closest to us contained alkaline water, next to it is SG’s tap water (slightly alkaline), and next to that is 100 plus and Sprite, which are really acidic! So after you exercise, it’s actually pretty bad to drink 100 plus. You’re better off drinking tap water!

After learning more about alkaline water and the product, chef Anna Phua gave some cooking demonstrations and showed us how she used alkaline water in the process. Alkaline water can be used to wash vegetables to remove pesticide residue, or soaking meats to remove excess blood.

She prepared some very yummy, healthy dishes for us:

She also prepared some very yummy, healthy dishes for us:

Korean pear salad topped with fresh vegetables and wolfberries (all soaked in alkaline water for about ten to twenty minutes to remove all impurities and pesticide):

Herbal chicken soup – prepared in alkaline water, with chicken soaked in alkaline water: Sesame rice, also soaked and cooked in alkaline water: Last but not least, a lemon and mint cooler with alkaline water:

There’s no funky taste with alkaline water, it actually enhances the flavours of the ingredients when used in cooking. Even when preparing the cooler, she just muddled some ingredients into the alkaline water and let it sit for a short few minutes, but you could really taste the refreshing lemon and mint combo.

Here are the 2 models from StarWater – the Star 5 and Star 7 that retail from $2188.

The distinguishing feature of StarWater’s ionizers is their ability to adjust the water’s pH level to suit specific functions; for example, Level 3 Alkaline water can be used to brew coffee and tea – it removes the bitter aftertaste and enhances the taste and aroma.
Level 1 acidic water can be used as a good alternative for cleaning counter tops, cutting boards and utensils. There’s also a beauty water function for showering and cleansing, to remove oil and drit from the face, and reduce dryness, itching and discomfort that eczema can cause.

I’m pretty sold on the product! I think it’s a good investment for households as the ionized water has so many uses; from consumption to cooking and washing, and of course, it’s really good for your health. Furthermore, the product itself is made in Singapore (quality assured) and is so well designed.

P.S. There’s a Health & You Exhibition happening 16-17 Aug 2014 at Suntec City Exhibition Hall 401-403, if you purchase it at their booth (B37)  you get $200 off!

To learn more about StarWater, visit their official website.



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