Ice-bucket dance challenge. #DanceforToones

Hey guys,

Hendric and I were previously nominated by Jeanette to do the ice bucket challenge; and we wanted to highlight a cause that’s a little closer to our hearts.

Tiny Toones is a hip-hop collective and drop in center established for disadvantaged children and young people. We first heard of Tiny Toones at The Big Groove (a local dance event) a while back, and were inspired by what they were doing in Cambodia. Some time back, Hendric and our videographer, Nina, also had the chance to visit and really see how big of an impact the teachers at Tiny Toones were making in the children. More than dance, laughter and education, they provided them with hope.

Thousands of Cambodians live in abject poverty. 20,000 children are estimated to live and work on the streets. Only one in three stays in school beyond primary level.

Tiny Toones provides a safe place for them to play, learn, make friends and enjoy being young; the alternative, being out in the streets and vulnerable to drug and substance abuse, sexual and labor exploitation, domestic violence, and gang involvement.

All of the creative teachers are former Tiny Toones students and from impoverished backgrounds. They engage, inspire and educate the next generation and are perfectly placed to build strong relationships and act as positive role models. By providing them with jobs, we also help break the cycle of poverty.

In my capacity, I’ve donated to sponsoring a Tiny Toones teacher and also to providing a Cambodian kid with ongoing education.

So here’s our version of the ice-bucket challenge, and a callout to Zaihar, KayteJojo, Fong, Chin and Fredy to help spread awareness with their version of it…because they are amazing people and amazing dancers 🙂

And of course, if you’re a dancer (or even if you’re not!) and you believe in this cause, feel free to do your version of the dancing ice-bucket challenge as well. Please use the hashtag #DanceforToones if you do!

P.S. For additional fun and laughter, here are some short NGs.

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