Got on the bandwagon

So… I have been looming! I’d initially got a set to try to make something for a client, but I’m hooked now!

I love that in a world where technology takes the front seat, this reminds me of a time where we made friendship bands for each other. (Yes. Imma 90s kid). I find it really therapeutic and it’s pretty cool what other stuff you can make. So many tutorials out there on YouTube.

Check out the spiffy stuff I’ve loomed thus far –

If you’re looking to give it a try, I got my supplies from a shop at the basement of scape – a rainbow loom knockoff costs about $12.50 (don’t get the cheaper one, it’s not very sturdy if you wanna do more complicated stuff) and you can get 3 bags of bands for $10. I’d also suggest investing in a metal hook; plastic ones tend to break under a lot of stress. You can get a crotchet hook from Daiso, or get one for about 2-3 bucks at the same store at scape!

Happy looming 🙂

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