Top 3 things you must do on a NSW road trip

It’s been a couple of months since the last update about our epic yolo roadtrip and I’ve decided just to talk about the highlights since it would take me forever and a half to talk about EVERYTHING. So here you go:

Top spots you can’t miss on a NSW road trip.

1. Eat Oysters at Pambula


Before eating these oysters, I was an absolute oyster snob. This meant I hated oysters and I thought people who ate them were snobs because there was no other reason why you would ingest such a nasty thing, other than the fact that it made you look uppity.

Bob mentioned there was this well known oyster farming place called Pambula, so we stopped by the lake to see if we could get some. Nothing uppity about the place at all, there was basically just one production house, or whatever you might call it, open. I think it was this one – Broadwater Oysters.

You kind of rock up to the counter (you’d be able to hear the electric shucking device from a mile away), pick a tray and head outside to eat them.

I’d initially told Bob I wasn’t gonna touch more than 2 oysters. 

But you know. I was wrong about oysters. These were by far the best oysters I’d ever had in my life. We had about a dozen each.

Check their Facebook page if you’re thinking of heading over – sometimes they close for vacay, other times they’re open:

Mon – Fri: 09:00 – 17:00
Sat: 08:00 – 14:00
Closed on Sundays.
It costs about AUD $12 for a dozen.
2. Swim in Bermagui’s Blue Pool
A friend called this one out, knowing we were driving up the coast:

So yes I was like, how often do you get to swim in a huge rock pool, beside crashing waves?

Yes, the answer is never. Never in Singapore, at least.

So it was pretty scary – the winds were really strong by the coast, and that meant the water was freezing and pretty choppy. But I embraced the YOLO and the YOLO embraced me, and it was worth it.

Bermagui-rock-sea-pool-swimming is free. There are also toilets for you to shower in.

3. Chill at Green Patch, Jervis Bay

For this, I’ll let pictures do the talking:

Quite a drive in, but well worth it – magnificently clear waters and white powdery sand. I was in heaven. Cold and windy, but still heaven. There’s an $11 entrance fee to Booderee Park. We gave ours to some tourists we met on another beach on the way out to make full use of it.

Bonus nugget:

Here’s something else in NSW that was interesting, but was closed by the time we arrived – Tilba Region, which looked like the setting of the Tellytubbies:

That aside, it’s also a little heritage town that’s perfectly preserved:

Let me know if you actually visit these places!!

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