Most courteous bar in Singapore


This is me, enjoying a “taste kream beer” (grapefruit flavoured) from the most courteous bar in Singapore… which is a relatively new bar called “Kream Beer” along Duxton Road.

Here’s what it looks like from the outside:

and part of its interior:

Kream Beer is a super laid-back, quirky bar that is teeming with bad English, but it just makes it even more endearing:

Say whaaaat?


I’ve never tried their Wando Island Sashimi but it seems pretty interesting. Also interesting is the fact that they serve beer (from $5) with either an extra creamy head or a frozen head (texture resembles a slushy), and organic fries which taste pretty darn good.

Why it’s the most courteous bar?

1. The service staff pander to your every needs. The first time we came, a very pleasant looking korean guy served us – he was very polite and patient, and was able to anticipate our needs before we could even ask for help (e.g. for a dish to pour our fries out on – he saw that we were about to let the cone which it was served in lie horizontally and very swiftly came to our table with a dish)

2. They provide you with 2-finger gloves to eat finger food with. No need to worry about hygiene or cleaning up after!


3. Free wifi, with passwords plastered everywhere.

4. And when your phone runs out of batteries, there are cables which you can use to charge it with, right at your table (both lightning cable and micro-usb)


5. Hiding in another bunny are toothpicks, for when the delicious remnants of your food decide to inhabit the spaces between your teeth.

and, one last point that has nothing to do with courtesy – there’s a moustache on each cup.

That’s it! HAVE A SEXY DAY.


Kream Beer

60 Duxton Road

So new that I don’t know its opening hours.

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