The most value for money salad shop in Tanjong Pagar

Hey guys. I interrupt my super long haitus with a very important announcement!

I’ve found a cheap and good place to get salad in Tanjong Pagar!

This has been the year of putting on weight. I try really hard to #eatclean but the truth is salads in town are super expensive (e.g. Salad Stop / Salad Shop salads go at about $11?). Yes, there are hawker options but the truth is the ingredients always look like they’ve been there since the start of the day (and probably have…)

This gem of a place called Crunch though, located in Tanjong Pagar MRT station itself, consistently has very fresh / freshly cooked ingredients, vegetables, a good range of dressings, and the best part is it only costs $4.90 for a base of salad + 5 ingredients, or + 3 ingredients and a premium ingredient (usually a meat dish).

It’s a small and humble stall that also sells coffee.

They don’t have a huge range of ingredients, but it really is enough. My favourites are usually corn, mushroom, eggplant, and I usually take a protein. I then go for the asian-style dressings, usually a mix of sesame and wafu. I’ve also tried sweet mayo, not bad.

Why I like the place

  • Every time they run out of an ingredient they cook or chop it fresh in the kitchen and replenish it
  • They offer a good range of dressings
  • Additional ingredients = 50c
  • Their salad base is just romaine lettuce. I sometimes find a mix of greens really annoying. Too much of that purple vegetable (no idea what it’s called) makes it too bitter, and rocket is sometimes a mess to eat.
  • Their chicken meat isn’t just breast meat. I really detest breast meat!! It always tends to be stringy and dry and would taste like flour in your mouth.
  • Their portions are fair and is enough to fill you up
  • Owner is very friendly 🙂

Here’s some shots of their salad:

Chickpeas, kidney beans, corn and smoked duck breast.

Beetroot, corn, black fungus, eggplant, black pepper chicken

Mandarin orange, mushroom, corn, pesto chicken.

Their shop space is small, and only has a seating capacity of about… four. So it’s best to dabao. Coffee is not bad as well!

No address, cannot find! Just look for it at Tanjong Pagar MRT station, nearer the end where the ATMs are. I hope this is helpful 😐

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  1. Hi their unit number is B1-14! U can like their facebook too 🙂

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