Let’s talk about your P…

…and I really meant period, or that time of the month. Although it is also important for boys to know your P as well, if you’re a squeamish little boy, please skip this post. If not, it’s about time we understood more about the bleeding that plagues most women every month… not just the girls, but the guys too.

Here are 5 things that everyone should know:

1. PMS is not a lie.

Men, you might think it’s an excuse all womenkind use to get out of situations, but it really is a thing. PMS manifests itself in a wide variety of symptoms, including mood swings, fatigue, irritability and depression. Don’t take it lightly! These problems tend to peak in your late 20s and early 30s (sad news for me).

2. Heavy bleeding is not normal.

For normal women; periods should last about 5 days, and the mean blood loss is 35ml. It’s abnormal to have periods last less than 2 days or more than 7 days, with flows of more than 80ml. Okay, none of us would really measure our blood flow… basically, if you’re finding yourself having to change your pads/tampons every 2 hours or less, using more than 20 pads per cycle, it’s not normal!

3. There are steps you can take to regulate your period and alleviate PMS symptoms

For example, exercising regularly, paying attention to your diet and increasing your iron and vitamin C intake while reducing your salt and saturated fat intake, reducing stress (if you can) through meditation or yoga.
If your period really hurts, placing a hot water bottle on the areas you’re cramping will help, or even going for a massage.
If all else fails, please seek medical help!

4. Get the right support

Not just from family members and loved ones when you’re PMSing – it’s also crucial to wear the right bras. For example, some of us have swollen boobs when our periods come, making sports bras a no-no. For some (more fortunate) females, breasts can go up a cup size, so having extra bras that go a size up will also ease the discomfort. Besides bras, the right panties help too! When you’re flowing, it’s probably a better idea to go with something with more coverage and is very comfortable. Btw we got to feel some undies from La Senza which are both very functional, comfy and pretty.

5. There is a service in Singapore that sends you Period Boxes

Yes. Period boxes. PSLove is a subscription service that lets you mix and match whatever you need every month when it comes to your P – whether you need the pads to contain your heavy flows overnight, or prefer ultrathin ones, or tampons. You get to mix and match different types and lengths, and get them delivered every month. As if it wasn’t good enough to get the hassle of pad-stocking out of the way, they also offer add-ons like remedies or nourishment (teas and snacks and other goodies to make you feel better).
If you know someone whose periods trip her up every month (it’s okay if that’s you) I think it’s a great service to subscribe to 🙂

That’s all for my (other) PSA – hope you know your flow better now! Picked up these nuggets from a “Know Your Flow” event – thank you for hosting us, Bayer!

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