Best CHARsiew in Singapore

Everyone has been absolutely raving about this place. When they said CHAR I imagined CHAR-COAL so it didn’t sound too appetizing but they’d always insist it’s the best CHAR-SIEW they’ve had in Singapore.

Yesterday it was rainy and I was spending too long working on something too slowly, so I thought it was prime time I had some fatty pork marinated in a sweet, salty sauce. (I know, sound logic.)

And so I lugged HY and @Pohtecktoes to the land of neon lights and red lanterns – Geylang.

As you can see from the exterior, Char’s branding might look a little intimidating but it’s actually a very casual dining place. We ordered the triple roast ($20.50). With that you can have a choice of 3 from any of their roasts (roast duck, roast crispy pork belly / sio bak, special char siew and soy sauce chicken). Obviously we were here for the char siew more than anything else, so we had two portions of that and one of the sio bak.

We also ordered doumiao ($10), beef hor fan ($12), hot and sour soup ($5) and one bowl of rice ($1).

Behold the most meh dish: the hor fun was a tad bit too oily. We ordered it because we thought we needed a carb dish and honestly unnecessary… I will explain why in a bit.

Look. At. That.

This is why you don’t need any other carb accompaniment but plain ol’ white rice: because the special char siew (not the normal red ones that come in your meepok) comes with a divine, sticky, sweet and sour sauce that could overpower everything else if that’s the only thing you’re eating. But it goes so well with rice, and they’re really generous with the amount of sauce it’s doused in. You might as well not let it go to waste. I think I could literally just eat the sauce with the rice and be a happy camper. BTW you also have the option of ordering CharSiew at $5/100g (min. order of 300g). You’ll get it on a sexy looking wooden plank. (When did that become a thing?)

The sio bak was really crispy on top and marinated with a blend of herbs and spices, so it’s pretty unlike what you get at hawker stalls. Much tasty. Such crackly. Went very well with the chilli that they provided. A new year’s party in your mouth.

Last but not least we have doumiao. It comes in last because I really don’t understand why vegetable dishes are so expensive ($10 leh!!!) when it costs about a dollar at the market. MARKED UP MUCH? But it was doumiao. I could not resist. I don’t think much can go wrong with a plate of doumiao, you can’t really screw it up. I didn’t regret ordering doumiao.

An apt painting.

All in all, Char is a little pricey but really worth it. Order rice okay, not hor fun. I will be back! Come in at least groups of three because it’s hard to wolf down so much meat alone.

Unless you are really hungry. Or you’re a wolf.

If you’re interested, here’s the rest of the menu.

Ch叉r Casual Dining 
393 Guillemard Road

Tel: 6842 7759

Opening Hours: 
Tue – Sun: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 6pm – 10pm
Closed on Mondays

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