Fried chicken and waffles, ’nuff said.

Some days (most days?) you just feel like indulging in fried chicken and waffles. I’ve tried a few around SG but I’ve found that I really like the one The Revelry offers, because they serve them on Belgian waffles. Unconventional, but then you won’t end up feeling all jelak and gross like you would with the dense buttermilk ones.

Revelry is a relatively new family-run cafe that’s a little hidden from view in Lorong Kilat. They specialize in fusion waffles: besides the signature fried chicken waffle, they also offer other special creations that include otak waffles, burger waffles and pizza waffles.

The interior of Revelry is decked in an iconic white and red.

My favourite wall features:

These birds flying out of a teapot

And this green wall.

Here’s the amazing chicken and waffle ($16). The chicken thigh’s fried just right – crispy outside, juicy and tender inside. Appreciate that it’s served on a bed of rocket so it doesn’t feel too unhealthy (ha); and also that the waffle is light. It’s also served with a side of maple syrup which really complimented the other elements of the dish.

For dessert we had “Fly me to Mars” ($15): torched Mars Bars, toasted marshmallows and vanilla ice cream on a Belgian waffle. Though it was an amazing combination, thought it could do with some chocolate sauce! (Ask for some.)

This might come useful: Revelry has power outlets and free wifi, which makes it an ideal space for people looking to work remotely.

21 Lorong Kilat, #01-02
Singapore 598123

Tel: +65 9278 0466

Opening Hours:
11am – 10pm (Mon, Wed, Thurs),
11am -11pm (Fri),
10am – 11pm (Sat),
10am – 10pm (Sun),
Closed Tues

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