Paddy Fields: the most Instagrammable cafe in Singapore?

Paddy Hills is a newly opened cafe that caught my eye on Instagram because the food was just absolutely stunning looking. It really did look like a feast for the eyes and the stomach:

Quickly paid them a visit one morning and, well, I think this cafe has got a lot working for them. EVERYTHING looks so good. Unfortunately I was there alone so I didn’t have the stomach to order a couple of dishes, but for the purposes of proving to you that it’s totes #OOTD #foodporn #instagramworthy, I’ve scoured some amazing pics from the rest of the Instagrams. (Credits to the original photographers!)

So, point in case:

The exterior:

The unique illustrations on the walls add a lot of character to the place! Plus it doubles up as a great ootd backdrop.

Also pretty by night 🙂

Here’s the front of the shop: (a lot of hua, cos it just opened when I went…)


Oh yes, a cool neon sign too:

The interior:

ID’s pretty kickass, I expect no less from wynk, the same guys behind Whale & Cloud and Standing Sushi Bar. By day there’s plenty of natural light streaming in. The cafe’s mostly decked out in muted neutrals, but the emerald tiles on the counter and bronze vents on the ceiling add some pop.

The food:

//Day Menu//

What I had:
Kimchi Fried Rice, $20 (steak was cooked well, the sous vide egg was perfect with the rice, but I felt like there was too little kimchi to call it kimchi fried rice?)

Beetroot Carpaccio, $18

Salmon Carpaccio, $18

Hash Hash, $24

Big Breakfast, $24

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most cafes neglect their hot kitchen but not this place. meet the big breakfast: bacon steak (with an asian twist actually), scrambled eggs, house cured salmon, double roasted mushrooms, avocado and refreshing mozzarella. reminds me a lot of my second home melbourne. all the feelsssss. coffee by mr. tan's @tionghoespecialtycoffee ••• spoke to goh snr+jr about this place, great vision and brilliant execution. wouldn't change anything about it. this place will go far! good job guys. drop by now! ••• #vsco #vscocam #vscofood #sgig #sgcafe #instafood_sg #paddyhills #tionghoespecialitycoffee #slayerespresso #breakfast #f52grams #morningslikethese #whoneedsfoodbloggerswhenyouhavecustomers

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Orange Ricotta Pillows, $18

Squid Ink Tagliatelle, $23

Berry Ricotta Hotcake, $19

The Maze, $22

Chick n’ Egg

The Asian Brick, $18

//Night Menu//

Lobster Somen, $28

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The menu at Paddy Hills is pretty big with shared plates and single bites. Pair these up with wines and cocktails and it would surely be a night to remember:) this was their lobster somen. Pretty good deal with lobster (shelled yay!) and scallops and some well cooked somen noodles. The dish was good but this was an hour wait!!! Have to say though give this place a go, pretty sure once they have settled in, it wld really be a place worth visiting. Lucks to the guys #paddyhills #VSCO #VSCOcam #vscopics #vscophotos #vscogallery #food #foodsg #foodies #foodporn #foodisfuel #foodamology #foodhopping #foodexploring #delish #fusion #sg #sgig #sgcafe #sgfood #sgfoodies #sgfoodeals #sgfoodiary #sgfoodunion #sgfoodlovers #sgfoodhopping #sgfoodstagram #foodstagram #foodphotos #igsg

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Steak Ssam, $60

Moo (Wagyu Rump)


Lollies, $16 – yuzu jello & earl grey jelly


What I had:
Sumatra Mandheling, $5.5 + ice, $1

Taste like Purple, Yuzu Effervescence, $7

Pinkish Lemonade, $7

Gin Kit, $15

Peanut Butter Milkshake, $?

Hawaii, $?

Oops. Couldn’t find the prices for the last two items.

Are you sold? I think the owners of this place got the absolute right mix of things and colours to photograph. A mark of how great products, ID and branding can really come together to market your cafe. I can’t quite speak for the food because I only had one dish and one coffee (which was awesome). Had a brief chat with the head barista and she was super passionate about the beans she’s curating, so I trust that they only serve good coffee here! (Plus, they have a Slayer.) She raved about the bespoke cocktails as well.

I tried coming again for dinner, but unfortunately it was too packed. Better pay this place a visit before it explodes all over Instagram!!

I guess if I were to be nitpicky, I’d say Paddy’s serves too many things. (There’s a different menu by day – sorry a bit blur – & night.) It’s a full menu of brunch, lunch, dinner, cocktails, even yakitori (at night), dessert, coffee… not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing. We’ll see.

Paddy Hills
38 South Buona Vista Road
Singapore 118164
(Nearest train station: Haw Par Villa)
Tel: 6479 0800

Opening Hours: 8.30am – 10pm daily

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