7 things to do for free while in transit at Changi

This one’s for the people who don’t live in Singapore: the next time you learn you’re in transit in Singapore for a few hours, REJOICE! There’s tonnes to do! For the Singaporeans, check in early to check out some of the interesting features in our airport that would make you proud to be a Singaporean.

There are so many unexpected things at the airport. It’s like Disneyland. Somewhat. Besides having the usual things airports have to offer – duty free shopping with a huge variety of brands and products to choose from; food courts that offer local and international cuisine, I’ve picked the activities that I’d personally enjoy doing; both simple and extraordinary. The best thing is? You can enjoy them without paying a single cent.

1. Butterfly Garden

I’ve been to the butterfly garden at Sentosa and this actually somewhat comes close. I didn’t expect the butterfly garden in an airport to be this legit. The butterfly garden in terminal 3 is home to over one thousand butterflies, and even has a water feature that resembles a waterfall and is two storeys high! Visit this nook if you want to be transported to a secret garden of sorts. It’s actually pretty therapeutic looking at the butterflies resting on flowers.

2. Sunflower Garden

Hazelle actually visited this place twice because she loved it so much – testament to how 500 bright yellow flowers can bring cheer to any traveller! Snap a shot of the seemingly unending rows of sunflowers against the backdrop of the runway. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to catch a plane taking off in the distance for a sweet Instagrammable shot. The sunflower garden is located at Terminal 2.

3. Movie theatre

If you’re a movie buff with some hours to spare, you can enjoy movies of different genres at Terminal 3 or the latest movie screenings on the Fox Movies Premium Channel at Terminal 2. It’s in an actual movie theatre set up, with wide screens and comfy seats! (Also good for a nice nap.)

4. Get a massage

Talking about napping, if you need some shut-eye after a long, cramped flight, make your way to any of the rest areas in Changi. Did you know that Changi was voted the best airport in the world for sleeping? No surprises here. Besides having an abundance of comfortable leather lounge chairs, there are even massage chairs available in all three terminals if you need a knead.

5. Save your photos in the Social Tree

Close to 9m tall, The Social Tree is Changi Airport’s largest interactive installation and a dream for all selfie-neoprint lovers. Take a photo of yourself and your travel buddy on one of the eight touch-screen photo-booths and send it up to the Social Tree where you can retrieve and relive your digital memories from this memory capsule whenever you visit.

6. Play Games

If you’re a gaming addict, the entertainment deck is where you should be. Get active with the Xbox Kinect or catch some excitement with games on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Before you know it, it’ll be time to zip off!

7. Surf the Internet while watching planes take off

Alas, if you’re a social media addict like me, you’d appreaciate the free WIFI available in the transit areas at Changi. There are also plently of power points and USB charging points. It’s easy to log on to check your mails or update your social media channels while sitting beside the planes and watching them take off.

Bonus: take a dip in an outdoor pool.

As an additional point, I’m putting in swimming as an additional activity, non guests of the hotel will have to pay $13.91 per entry. It’s a sweet pool, and you get to chill out while watching planes fly over you while you soak up the sun!

BTW if you’re transiting at one terminal, getting from terminal to terminal is quick and easy with convenient SkyTrains!

Hope you benefitted from this – have fun while in transit!


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