Happy Mookata: the happiness is real.

[Invited Tasting]

This was my 2nd time having mookata and I must say it’s always pretty fun. What I don’t like about cooking is the prep and washing up after; you can act 1x masterchef without having to do any of that while having mookata. Moreover it’s a very casual setting, so you can bring a bunch of friends together and TCSS while waiting for your food to cook!

Happy Mookata also offers an al fresco dining area so you don’t have to worry about having your hair smell like food after. Also for the added atas feels.

Things to note for rookies like me:

  1. No oil involved – Happy Mookata provides you with a few good pieces of lard that you should place in the middle of the skillet, let it melt with the heat, and bua around the hot plate.
  2. Soup comes in a plastic jug! The “moat” at Happy Mookata is a little shallow so your food cooks faster, but soup also evaporates very fast! No worries, just keep refilling. When your jug is empty, ask one of the staff for a refill.
  3. Order some of the fried food first, so you can nom while waiting for other food to cook. We really liked the thai fishcakes and popcorn chicken. 
  4. Generally, meat goes on to the hot plate and vegetables and balls go into the soup! To pump up the flavours in the soup, start with lots of vegetables and prawns. Eventually, the juices and oils from the meat on the skillet will drip down into the soup which will add to the flavour.

  5. Arrange your food nicely if you want a pretty pic for Instagram! (Ours was very professionally arranged by Nicole)

    #mookata time! #stooffieats

    A photo posted by ╰(*´︶`*)╯ Steph Phua (@stooffi) on

    …if not it will really turn out not-so-chio, like ours lol.

  6. PRO TIP from Nicole: Build a fort of raw meat around the hot plate, let it cook for a while and break an egg in the middle for some extra yummy, eggy, meaty goodness:

This was basically what our table looked like when all our food arrived!

For $25.90 NETT (adults) and $13.90 NETT (childs), you get a free flow of meat, seafood, fried food items and ice cream. Top up $1.50-$2.30 for drinks – the milk tea is worth ordering!

Here’s the full menu of items:

All in all I thought this was really value-for-money; the meat we had was very tender and well marinated, seafood and vegetables were all really fresh. Think the al-fresco dining area was also a nice touch for something different.

Happy Mookata-ing!

Happy Mookata
Sunset Lane
Blk 106 Clementi Street 12
Singapore 120106

Opening Hours: 12pm-10pm daily, 7 days a week

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