Lazy Girl’s Guide to Cooking: Airfryer Salmon

Total time needed: ~20min (no prep)
Total cost: ~$4 per serving
Satisfaction: PRICELESS

Not really. Just wanted to type that.

A few months ago I won a Philips Airfryer. I’ve recently brought it to our office where a colleague has been cooking pretty amazing things (like cauliflower crust pizza??) so I was kind of inspired to use it more. The thing is I’m really too lazy to cook. I don’t like slicing and marinating and prepping stuff; the cleaning up involved. I’ve not done much besides cooking the obvious (nuggets, fries) in the Airfryer. In fact. I’ve not done much cooking at all.

One day I felt like “eating healthy”. I felt like having salmon.

In case you didn’t know, I’ve just started my own company and for the first few months we’ve decided not to draw any salary. For that reason, I’ve gotten rid of a lot of luxuries – I try to spend less than $5 on an average meal (possible with the hawker nearby), I drink kopi-c-siudai instead of flat whites and I haven’t been travelling (…on my own account).

So I walked into NTUC and looked at the fish section, where they sold fillets of salmon. The cheapest fillet was about $7. I mulled about it while I grabbed other stuff – garlic ($1ish), cherry tomatoes ($1ish), rosemary (I LOVE. forgot the price. less than $5) Then I chanced upon the frozen section and saw a bag of house brand salmon, and because it was SG50!!!, got 50g extra salmon. So the aunty in me decided to buy  a bag of about seven cuts for $14+. And then a bottle of teriyaki marinade (forgot how much).

Sidetracking – NTUC has a lot of things that because SG50 YOU GET 50G MORE!!! \o/

The problem with cooking for one is that you can only eat so much at one time, and there’s an expiry date to things, so you kinda have to keep eating the same thing over and over again. But I really don’t mind. Also this helped me hone my airfryer skillz.

Version 1: 180deg, 20min.

Salmon turned out a bit dry. But the roasted garlic and tomatoes were very nice. Topped with olive oil which was unnecessary. Used salt and pepper, left over from Maccas Delivery lol.

Version 2: 180deg, 18min.

Salmon still dry. Added some baby corns for variety. Stupidly also added snap peas in there and they turned out all burnt. Lazy girl pro tip on cooking snap peas in the air fryer: wrap them in aluminium foil with a bit of water and let it cook 180deg for six min.

Version 3: 180deg, 15min.

Salmon is finally more tender! But can be even more tender. @terencethen suggested throwing in the tomatoes and garlic first before cooking the salmon. So ok next version I try.

Version 4: 180deg, 5 min tomatoes + garlic first + 14 min salmon

This was a smaller fillet of salmon so I think actually it could have been done in 12 min. But the tomats and the garlic were all cooked nicely (good tip!) As mentioned in caption I regret just using soy.

I am now out of tomatoes, corn and snap peas and am down to two cuts of frozen salmon so I don’t think I’ll be doing this again any time soon. Maybe chicken?

After days of experimentation, here’s my suggested Lazy Girl’s Recipe to a semi-atas Airfryer Salmon meal:

1 slab of frozen salmon
1 tbsp of teriyaki marinade
A pinch of salt
A pinch of pepper
Cherry tomatoes, however many makes you happy
Cloves of garlic, however many makes you happy
Rosemary (optional) (I just really like rosemary)

  1. Line the airfryer pan with aluminium foil – super lazy girl tip, so you don’t need to scrub so hard later. I kind of fold a tiny half-box out of the aluminium foil, so it doubles up as a plate, so I also don’t need to scrub the plate so hard later (see pic above).
  2. Wash your tomatoes. Throw them into with garlic. Cook for 5 min at 180deg celcius
  3. Poke around to make space for your salmon fillet. Yes it can go in frozen because airfryer is powerful. Spread teriyaki marinade over the top, then sprinkle some salt and pepper and top it for a little bit of atas with a sprig of rosemary. Let it cook for 12-15 min at 180 deg celcius. Don’t need to pause and shake shake or do anything until the airfryer tells you it’s done. Continue working / reading a book / checking Instagram.

THAT IS ALL. Super simple. No prep time needed. I highly recommend. I will continue experimenting when I have the time! Look out for more lazy (and broke) girls guides to airfrying.


  1. This is one of those dish where you don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything because there are so many fab textures and flavours! 😀

  2. I never thought of trying salmon in my air fryer, thanks I try this tonight!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this delicious recipe with us! I recently got an air-fryer as a gift, and I love it!!

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