Shiok Sushi & the Cheapest Oysters in Singapore

Like true suckers of Instagram pictures, I was drawn by Kim’s super enticing huge plate of oysters.

At just $1 a piece, what’s not to love?

One dolla #oysters foreva #terusushi

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I enjoy my oysters slightly sweat, creamy, springy… yes, these oysters lived up to being thick and plump but didn’t go down so well on taste.

Would recommend just ordering 3-5 for the novelty of $1 oysters. Prep some sake by the side to wash it down clean!

(For fresher oysters, would recommend Southbridge – but it’s 4x the price.)

The real winners instead were Teru Sushi’s signature makis that you simply must try:

Shiok Maki

Avocado and unagi, covered with a mixture of mayo and mentai, topped with aburi salmon, and then a copious amount of tobiko. Very shiok.

Teru Maki

Duck liver and avocado, covered with rice + sesame, wrapped in unagi, topped with wasabi mayo and then tobiko. Also very shiok.

Total damage for two for 12 oysters, 2 makis and a large portion of warm sake was about $90.

Teru Sushi
50 Tiong Bahru Road
Singapore 168733

Open Daily for Lunch and Dinner:
06:30pm – 10:30pm (till 3am from Mon-Sat)
12:00pm – 02:30pm

Tel: +65 64385394

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