[AD] How and why I lost 4+kg in 5 weeks

I recently posted a picture of my recent weight loss (see below) and I had two main questions pop up.

 1. Why are you trying to lose weight?

I’ll admit I’m not overweight, I wouldn’t call myself fat – but I wasn’t happy with the pounds I’d put on after graduation. Context: I’ve always been somewhat fit and lean right up till I graduated because most of my life was spent dancing regularly, which helped keep my metabolism in check, burn the carbs and tone muscles.

Case in point, I actually had abs I was happy to show the world (this was about nine years ago):

Getting from trim to babat didn’t feel good at all, but since I started to work in the advertising industry, I didn’t have the time to dance as much, I became unfit, and because of that I lost motivation to dance as well.

Besides the lack of time / will to exercise, indulging in food had always been a huge part of my life. When I started working I continued indulging even though I put on weight because it was my main pick-me-up on a rough day, and I constantly stress-ate. I lived to eat. This blog also started picking up, and that meant being able to go for food tastings where more often than not, they’d serve you an excessive amount of food, and more often than not I’d eat in excess.

It got so bad that I’d met up with a friend a few years post graduation, and he was shocked to see how much weight I put on. He told me “I didn’t think you’d be the kind who could be fat”, and that really struck me… but still, I never really did anything about it because I knew I wasn’t fat per se.

I started getting super self conscious. Every time I took a photo I had to suck in. Every time I sat down I would feel that extra bulge of fat running over my pants. Every time I waved goodbye to someone I’d be conscious of the butterfly wings that were flapping along, struggling to get me to fly.

I was also involved in a campaign with Scoot sometime back and I was seen in several pictures wearing a bikini, and every time I saw it I wished I had the chance to photoshop my body. Case in point:

In this pic what’s obvious to me is the bulge on the lower abdomen and how big my thighs are! But thanks to the top down angle it doesn’t look too bad. I was so worried some trolls might comment negatively; and that goodness that didn’t happen. My self esteem would have been smashed.

I guess it’s also obvious where I put on weight – on my thighs and on my lower abdomen – which makes me very pear shaped. It’s also very common for women to put on weight in those areas, and unfortunately, it’s very difficult to lose weight in those areas.

So that brings me to FAQ no.2:

2. How did you do it?

I’m not going to hide that this is a sponsored post. The opportunity to try and review a weight loss programme under Absolute Slimming came up and I just thought, why not. I wasn’t my ideal weight; I wasn’t very happy with what I saw in the mirror. I checked out their website and was kind of surprised that they were so confident of helping their clients lose weight that they were willing to offer a money back guarantee, and they were also bold to claim that there won’t be a rebound after you stop treatment.

I also appreciated that they only sell packages only up to 12 treatments. They believe that this would help increase your metabolism and decrease your appetite to a point that your body will naturally maintain your new weight after, so it’s not like a sales scheme that requires you to buy an unending number of treatments.

3. How does it work?

Absolute Slimming specializes in a slimming treatment method based on Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Their treatments increase metabolism by stimulating acupoints, concentrating on the back, stomach, thighs, calves and upper arms. These acupoints are treated with cupping and guasha.

Each session would typically start with them recording your weight and fat percentage, before guasha-ing and cupping your back, then front.

However, it isn’t just by their efforts, clients also have to do their part as well and adhere to a very strict no-carb diet. This would be my first time dieting and I assumed it was going to be hell. But hey – bo try mana eh zai right? At least I still got to eat!!

4. The Process

I’ll be honest, I find guasha super painful on the legs, but it isn’t a pain that’s intolerable. I just imagined them scraping off my cellulite and breaking it down. NO PAIN NO GAIN. That said, the pain level varies from person to person, some people actually find it relaxing. Cupping was a piece of cake. They don’t use the large cups that you normally see see leaving huge red circular scars on people. Instead they use smaller cups, which admittedly still leave scars, but nothing too scary! Mostly circular red marks which lighten after a few sessions. I just wore… more decent clothes throughout this period. The staff at Absolute Slimming were also super nice and motherly, so it made the entire process even more pleasant despite the pain with guasha.

But as they say, pain is temporary. Diet is… not so. BUT THE EFFECTS OF SLIMMING DOWN ARE FOREVER. (Sort of.)

Absolute Slimming would issue you a customized diet plan. That for me meant that to adhere to it, I couldn’t simply dabao food from the nearby hawker centre anymore. What really really helped was placing an airfyer at work, and that there was an NTUC near my office (ha).

Pros: I saved a lot of money and learnt to cook (well, sort of). I also learnt to control my portions better, that I didn’t need to stuff myself to survive. Cons: it’s actually pretty anti-social, especially when it’s very engrained in our culture to eat together, and it’s super hard to find places that offer food suitable for my diet plan. But. Tell your friends it’s only for a month. YOUR TRUE FRIENDS WILL SUPPORT YOU.

Also, I found that visiting Absolute Slimming twice a week kept me in check. My first two weeks were surprisingly okay. Every time I visited, I lost a significant amount of weight (2-3kg within the first 2 weeks), and that motivated me to keep at it. However, by the third week I started cheating a bit. And by the forth week I was actually in Tokyo, cheating a lot… but I never rebounded to my previous weight.

2 more common comments I had while I was on the diet:

  1. You diet until like that, confirm lose weight lah.
  2. You will definitely lose weight cutting carbs, because you lose water weight. Be careful, you will put it on super fast once you stop dieting.

Lol sorry I make them sound super aunty.

To point 1, yes, you can lose weight on a strict diet, but the weight loss usually stagnates at some point, and you can’t guarantee that you’ll trim off your stubborn areas. To point 2, it’s true that once you go back to carbs after a no-carb diet, your weight will definitely rebound. Thankfully, I indulged in carbs (and more… sweet things, fried things… check out the hashtag) in Tokyo. I did gain a bit of weight, but nothing drastic (less than 1kg?) I then returned to the prescribed diet and at my next weigh-in I actually still lost weight!

Absolute Slimming is also confident that even when I return to my normal diet (carbs included), my metabolism would have increased to a point where it can burn fat more efficiently, so I won’t rebound. I’ll let you know in a few months 😀

The results?

The package I was on was for 8 full-body treatments, but we took measurements before my 8th and last session, so these are the results after 7 full-body treatments over 5 weeks (including 1 week Tokyo break)

Total weight loss: 4.3kg

Total fat loss: 2%

Loss on arms: av 1.5cm each

Loss on thighs: av 3.5cm each

Loss on tummy: 6cm

(Ping me if you want actual numbers!)

6. Would you recommend it?

Definitely. I came into this pretty skeptical, especially not having tried dieting or TCM before. I won’t say I can explain the science behind TCM (feel free to contact them with TCM related questions), but I can confidently tell you that it worked for me. The best part is, I didn’t have to suffer, save for the tolerable gua sha pain. I could still eat good food (albeit prepared by myself), and heck, I even went on a holiday and indugled. I didn’t have to drastically alter my lifestyle, but could still reap the benefits. I’m also more aware of what I’m consuming, and how healthy eating and TCM can bear results beyond weight loss – I was also more alert, less bloated and sluggish, and sleeping better.

7. How much does it cost?

Absolute Slimming has 2 price plans; I was on the $1600 treatment.



8 Full-Body Cupping Treatments

Premium Plus

12 Full-Body Cupping Treatments
+ 2 Heat Treatments

Check out their website for more information, and feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments below!



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