Tokyo Owl Cafe: Akiba Fukurou

Owl you ready for this.

Visiting an owl cafe was one of my top must-dos on my recent trip to Tokyo, mainly because Harry Potter made owls mainstream and cool, and I’ve never actually seen a real owl, let alone touch one!

This was easily one of my highlights in Tokyo; the cafe was really well run and seemed to protect the owls with certain measures in place (you can’t handle them yourself, there’s a certain way of petting the owls, no kids allowed, max. no of people allowed in one seating).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Book a time slot via their site
  2. Arrive about ten minutes earlier
  3. Show staff your confirmation email
  4. Clean your hands with sanitizer
  5. Grab a bottle of water (many types available! hard, soft, sparkling, still, mineral…)
  6. Grab a seat
  7. Get briefed
  8. Enjoy your hour of owl-watching and pettting
  9. Get your photo taken with an owl
  10. Time’s up! Collect photo and depart

For 1,500, you get 1hr in this room that has owls of all shapes and sizes – about 25 of them? And to me that was pretty magical! The owls were all very tame and well behaved, and are obviously very used to people. I’m usually scared of birds but this was a good experience 😀

Remember to book ahead if you’re planning to go – and note that they’re closed on Tuesdays. You can check their available slots on their website.

Akiba Fukurou
〒101-0022 東京都千代田区
Nearest station: Akihabara

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