Today was one of those days I chose to spend a good half of the day in bed. It’s rare the opportunity arises and I thought, carpe diem, this needs to be done. Mum complains that I’m not home enough. Indeed I’m not. Being in bed made me realize the things that I’ve taken for granted a lot. Such as:

1. Not being interrupted by anything other than the neighbour’s kid practising fur elise on the piano (I admire his/her tenacity and fighting spirit) and the ding-dinging of the bell that belongs to the ice-cream uncle who unfailingly pushes his cart around my neighbourhood every day.
2. Waking up to pseudo-spring/winter in nice smelling sheets.
3. Being able to control the temperature of said pseudo-spring/winter with the touch of a button
4. Warm showers
5. WiFi

and of course other things like walking out of the room into a house that smells of fried shallots and garlic.

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