Get your Wagyu on at En Grill & Bar

Was recently invited to En Grill & Bar to have a taste of their new menu, which features the award winning Motobu Wagyu beef as one of the main ingredients.

The place was relatively quiet and dimly lit; would say it’s great for get-togethers over drinks and food.

A little more about Motobu if you’ve never heard of it: it’s imported directly from the Yanbaru ranch in Okinawa. The cattle feed on a fermented feed, containing lactic acid bacterium and brewer’s grain obtained from Orion beer. (!!!) It’s supposed to be rich in dietary fibre, and boasts a higher 58 percent of unsaturated fatty acids compared to the 55 percent in general black Japanese beef.

But of course for those who aren’t die hard beef fans, En Grill & Bar has many other menu highlights too! Here’s a quick run through:

Tapas Highlights:

Garlic Gambas $16

Pan-fried shrimp with creamy butter sauce

Great one for prawn / shrimp lovers – the gambas goes well with the sweetness of the shrimps which were very succulent.

Tako Carpaccio $12

Sliced octopus and salmon roe with a drizzle of yuzu and truffle oil – yuzu and truffle oil, what’s not to love? It actually makes a good balance; the yuzu adds a needed zing to the dish.

Wagyu Mini Burger $16

Handground Motobu wagyu beef patty with red wine sauce – these were really juicy and tender and go great with beer.

Charcoal Grilled Highlights:

Sumiyaki Moriawase $25

Assorted grilled skewers offers a good variety if you’re feeling peckish.

Wagyu Yasai Stick $24

Motobu Wagyu with assorted veggies skewer 

The beef! Perfectly done. The sweetness of the grilled veggies balance out the gaminess.

Main Dish Highlights

Sunny Side-Up Hamburg $18

Handground wagyu beef patty topped with sunny side-up egg and red wine sauce – honestly, this dish was slightly average / got overshadowed by the other mains. But if you’re a fan of a simple sunny side-up, wedges and a good hamburger patty, this one’s for you.

Wagyu Houba Misayaki $28

Charcoal grilled Motobu Wagyu steak with miso on houba leaf – I love the honesty of this dish – it isn’t dressed up or marinated extensively, just damn good beef paired with simple, fresh produce. 

Wagyu Suji and Foie Gras $14.80

Braised Motobu Wagyu beef tendon with foie gras in miso – two of my favourite ingredients got married in this dish; foie gras and wagyu beef. (Bless these fatty animals) If you’re taking this alone it’s a tad too salty… would be perfect with rice!

Angel Hair Pasta $18.80

Cold angel hair pasta topped with sea urchin and salmon roe – again, appreciated the simplicity of this dish – the uni and roe are enough to lend the pasta sufficient flavour. 

For dessert, go for the Matcha Tiramisu ($7.80); En’s own green tea tiramisu which is rather light and comes with a serving of azuki.

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You can enjoy these deals at En Grill & Bar:

1) One main menu item for one main menu item (go for the uni pasta and wagyu on houba!)
2) Two tapas for two tapas
3) One assorted grilled skewer platter for one assorted grilled skewer platter

En Grill & Bar
207 River Valley Rd, #01-57 UE Square,
Singapore 238275

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