Tiger Radler – Mandarin Orange

For those who are fans of radlers, here’s some good news: Tiger Beer presents a fresh new flavour to herald the festive seasons – the Tiger Radler Mandarin Orange, a combination of Tiger Beer and mandarin orange juice that is fruity, sharp and invigorating whilst still being rooted in the bitterness, flavour and aroma of Tiger Beer.

Thanks to Tiger and Ogilvy PR – a pair of mandarin oranges arrived at my doorstep. A different kind.

Tastes exactly like what it should – beer with a kick of orange soda. There are those days you reach for a stout, and then there are days you’d reach for something like this… lighter, fruitier, some might say… girlier. Perfect for gatherings cos it’s something anyone can drink!

Tiger’s suggestion for food pairings? Christmas favourites like roast beef and turkey, or CNY goodies like bak kwa and love letters – even chilli crab.

It’s not a hardcore beer, but it’s something to lighten the mood during the festive season. If you’re ready to stock up on this, it’s available now at all major supermarkets at $17.80 for a 6 pack.


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