DW Workshop Review – Feels like Home

Popped by DW Workshop – a new black and white bungalow tucked away in Rochester that offers quite a refreshing concept of marrying hands-on workshops with quality food.

DW Workshop feels a little bit like the ideal home for me – a place where the coffee is good, the food is yummy but healthy, it’s bathed in natural light, and has spaces for crafting.

A coffee section sits right at the entrance but one would be surprised to find that the process is more or less automated. Drip coffee is produced by a POURSTEADY machine which gives each cuppa precision pouring!

The other option is getting it from a Moka Pot – which you put over a stove.

Both brews will set you back by $9 – quite a bit more expensive as compared to your normal barista-brewed cuppa; but it’s quite an interesting alternative worth trying.

Walking around on the perimeters of the black and white house, we realized that DW grows their own herbs and spices…

and also has quite a nice outdoor area, suitable for both large and smaller groups.

Walking in, we were welcome to a homely setting (forgot to take pics), complete with a living room, kitchen, bar area and even a fireplace –

which we later learnt was a hologram!

DW also curates healthy snacks and offers fresh cold brews.

Upstairs is the workshop area which also doubles up as a dining area with large tables that are suitable for communal dining.

DW hasn’t started on workshops yet, but here’s a peek at what to expect: learn to make a concrete lamp, and paper pendant necklaces.

The balcony area is also another al-fresco dining area that’s a peaceful hideaway from the bustling conversations taking place downstairs. And if you’re like me and need sunlight, this is such a nice place to sit and tune out.

DW also offers some very interesting curated products; this is one of them – a watch that was originally designed for the blind; that encourages you to read the time using touch. Peek into some of the other drawers and chests around the house – there are many other interesting things! (E.g. an instrument called “The Fairy Hair”.)

But of course I think most of you are interested to read about the food!

Check out the menus – they’re all really well designed! Over the weekend, DW serves brunch; on the weekdays, they serve lunch bowls, and throughout the week, they offer communal dining options.

D and I tried their signature braised beef cheek with chocolate (ya!), their mashed potato and vine tomatoes.

Their signature beef stew ($42) Is a generous portion of slow-cooked beef cheek in a tart balsamic sauce topped with almond slices and chocolate shavings. Who would’ve thought that beef and chocolate went so well together? The meat was very tender; you can soak up and enjoy the thick zhup of beef-juice and chocolate with the bread that they provide.

The sides were simple but satisfying – the marinated vine tomatoes with basil and garlic were very refreshing and the mashed potato was super creamy and velvety.

Other options I want to try are the crackling pork belly with apple risotto; and the crab salad croissant for brunch!

View full weekend menu here

On weekdays, DW serves customisable lunch bowls which you can mix and match for $19+.

What I liked:

  • The roast duck
  • Goat cheese salad
  • Sauteed mushrooms
  • GUAC! ***many many stars. I love the guac!

View full weekday menu here

Verdict? It is a little bit pricey but if you’re looking for elevated meals in a nice house setting to share with friends or family, DW is a great place to go to. It’s also tucked a distance away from the hustle and bustle of Star Vista / Science Park / Metropolis, so if you’re working around the area and need a breather from it all it’s also perfect for a lunch break. (Or date.)

Can’t wait till workshops start!

DW Workshop
41 Rochester Drive, Singapore 138582
Tel: +65 6659 0879


Opening Hours: Daily, 0930 – 2230
Nearest MRT: Buona Vista

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