Cat Bubble Carrier Review

Hey guys! Blogging about this cos a couple of you saw the carrier on my Insta and were asking where it’s from!

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Must caveat first – this post is sponsored by Kohepets.

They have a huge variety of pet products (>12k) and offer free shipping over $60, within 2 days — so it’s really super convenient to get pet supplies from them. Here’s what I got for Muffin & Angel:

  1. Astronaut Capsule Backpack Pet Carrier
  2. Royal Canin Feline Breed Nutrition (4kg pack)
  3. Aixia Miaw Miaw Salmon With Olive Oil 
  4. Ciao Grilled Stripjack Tuna In Gravy with Whitebait & Dried Bonito Topping
  5. Ciao Kinnodashi Chicken Fillet In Gravy with Scallop Flavour (WHUTTT)

Tbh my cats only eat kibble but I decided to let them try some of these jap-branded cat food because it sounds super yummy (…I was tempted to try) and they’re really affordable (all less than $2). For the two bowls on the left, they’re grain free and have no preservatives or colourings, plus it’s super fuss free ‘cos you just need to peel off the top and let your cat finish it (Muffin is just being a princess below). If your cats don’t drink a lot of water, wet food is a good source of hydration.

As for Royal Canin, my cats have been eating it since forever! Both of them have long coats so even though Muffin is a ragamuffin, she’s also on Persian, which helps them maintain a nice coat, eliminate skin issues and reduce hairballs.

BUT I bet most of you are in for this!

Truth be told the carrier is not very ergonomic for humans but it serves its purpose well. Different cats take to it differently (3 cats have been in this bag). For Angel and Kitty (the cat we fostered) they reacted as most cats do with carriers and wanted to get out of it pronto, but I wouldn’t say it’s any less comfortable as compared to a normal cat carrier. In fact it might have been even more comfy; it has a woollen base.

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BTW it also comes with a flat “cover” in case you don’t want that fishbowl.

Muffin actually LOVES it. I’m not even exaggerating. She was very calm being carried in it, even though she’s quite big and takes up half the bag. She can fall asleep in it, and even when we’re not taking her out in the bag, she will still crawl into it to sleep.

I believe it can fit a small doggo too! As mentioned, Muffin is quite big. She’s the size of a small dog.

SO. There you go! Was really happy with my purchases from Kohepets, and it was a very fuss-free transaction. Would definitely order from them again, especially the Jap-branded cat food! As mentioned, there’s really a lot of other stuff they have too, from cat condos to shampoo to toys. Also not everything is for cats lah. They have dog and small pet supplies too.

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