Duck. Duck. Face.

A free flow writing exercise.

I walk into a cafe. It’s one of those hipster ones. I do this once in a while when I’m trying to get a semblance of feeling like I’m overseas when I’m actually not.

I take a liking to it here; it’s unassuming outside. The tables and chairs at the 5 foot walkway look like they’re an eclectic mix procured from IKEA and a cheap carpenter; and when you walk inside natural light streams in from a translucent ceiling. There’s a dog sitting on a chair, seemingly staring into nothingness. There’s another shiba inu minding its own business. There are shelves of alcohol.

I do the millennial thing. I order the signature coffee which uses coconut milk instead of normal dairy milk. I order an avocado pesto toastie with a side of beef (I need my meat). I sit at a corner where a power source is in arm’s reach. I sit. I observe.

I duck.

Immediately I realise the girls at the table in front of me are taking a selfie, and my head’s sort of floating precariously in the background of their photo, ruining the perfection of flawless duck-faces. I stay in an awkward half-foetal position behind my table as they continue taking about a hundred more selfies.

A bold, bald-headed dude sits at the table beside me. He gets on a call and it seems like he wants to be heard (not just by the guy he’s speaking to on the other end). He’s good friends with someone who owns a hotel, he says. I drift in and out of his conversation but it ends with him telling the other party not to ghost him as friend B has done. He sees friend B at a certain bar sometimes and has to remind him that they’ve yet to meet.

I’m sorry but dude, I’m just hearing this from your end but it’s obvi these people don’t want to meet up with you.

He proceeds to whip out a DSLR with a RODE VideoMic, and sets it up on the table with a Gorilla Tripod. I wonder if he’s famous on the Internet. He proceeds to very swiftly do a review of the coffee he’s drinking; ends it and packs his gear back into his bag. I stare a little longer. Adidas socks. NMDs. Oh, an Adidas tee too.

I wonder where the tipping point is, when you decide with a confidence that you want to create video content that uses yourself as a main focus, that makes you then decide you want to invest in gear. I wonder because I have been sitting on the decision to procure expensive equipment, 2.5 years into running the business, and our company runs on content creation.

It’s a nice cafe. It is. I like the vibes but clearly so do many like-minded others who want to amplify this on The Social Medias. And two doggos.

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