$2 beauty items from WISH (incl shipping!!!)

I’ve recently been watching a few YouTube reviews of WISH.COM hauls, and I’m super intrigued by the platform and how cheap stuff is? Ordered a couple of items from the site. Will share more as I receive them so you guys are aware of the hits and misses. Do share your gems if you’ve ordered good stuff for amazing prices from Wish too!

Stuff to note when ordering off Wish:
– There are hits and misses, and not all reviews are pegged to the right items (some bug in the website)
– Products take a while to arrive (at least 2.5-3 weeks?)
– Don’t take prices at face value. Prices might vary according to product variant (colour) and shipping costs

  1. Silicone Sponge

What was advertised:

Actual price: $2, with shipping.

These were quite the rage sometime back, lauded for being hygienic (easy to wash) and also cuts down on makeup wastage (foundation doesn’t get absorbed into the sponge). I usually use my bare fingers for application of my BB cream but for $2 why not right? Plus you get 2 pcs, which really works it out to be $1 a piece.

Actual pics:

Product arrived in individual small ziplock bags

After usage with BB cream

Just rinse with soap and…

Good as new! Tried this with foundation too and vs fingers you definitely get more even coverage. I don’t really use sponge applicators so I can’t vouch whether this is a better alternative for that but I can see why it’s much cleaner and more durable.

2. Concealer

What was advertised:

Actual price: $2, with shipping.

Dude just look at the main pic. I was sold. I’m a regular concealer user as I’m plagued by acne scars and bad eye bags, so I thought I’d give this a try for the price point.

Actual pics:

Texture is actually very creamy, buildable and blendable.

Not bad right?

Now I know the colour is not right for my limbs but I have some bruises on my knees so I thought they’d make a prime test bed for coverage:

It’s no MAC, but seriously not bad for the price. And I’m not breaking out in hives or anything. So far so good.

3. Stick-on bra


What was advertised:

Actual price: $2.85 with shipping.

But still. $2 for a bra??? You can’t even get this price at Bugis street. What arrived was a tiny package as they layered the cups on top of each other. These look great for drop back / backless dresses or tops.

Actual pics:


Inside: the darker bits are the adhesive —

Which is super sticky

And this is the outside.

I would say fair quality for a $2 bra, but zero support for those with bigger boobages. Also annoying that though the adhesive is mega-sticky, we’re only given two thin and fragile pieces of plastic to cover them when not in use. Haven’t tried this yet to assess long-lastingness of the adhesive; also have no idea how to wash it but I suppose rinse in water and air-dry, as the normal stick-ons work. Will update when I eventually use it!

Am still awaiting more items’ arrival, so watch this space for more :b


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