IZA: Izakaya with a Singaporean Twist

If you’re in the east and you’re up for some Izakaya but bored of the norm… I’ve got just the perfect place for you.

Iza brings together grilled items, fusion mains, a bar that offers beer, sake or gin (try roku on the rocks) in a laid back atmosphere. The choice of food, drinks and ambience makes it a great place for a casual meet up with friends (+ fur pals too, looks like doggos are allowed to sit outside).

If you’re wondering what to order, here are some of my must-tries:

  1. Skewers lah of course

The chefs behind the skewer bar have obviously perfected the art of grilling; everything was damn juicy and was cooked just right. They’re very very lightly marinated with either sea salt or teriyaki.

Bacon wrapped lychee was a standout: the fat of the bacon was nicely caramelised and the sweet, juicy lychee balanced its saltiness really nicely.

Would also recommend the chicken mid-wings, the skin is done till slightly crispy and the meat was just super tender.

Prices of skewers range from SGD1.90 to 3.50

2. Four-Ton Chawanmushi ($4.50)

This chawanmushi might look plain but dude it packs 4 eggs in one cup. While I don’t know how good it is for your cholesterol levels it was a party in my mouth. I don’t usually like eggs (yes. really. unless it’s an omelette or steamed chinese-style or gudetama), but mixing it up with pei dan and salted egg was a good combi.

3. Grilled Oysters (3pcs, $12)

As they say in their menu – fresh, fat, fabulous. And they’re not wrong!!! I usually prefer fresh oysters to grilled oysters because I find that usually once they’re grilled they taste fishier for some reason? But their oysters must be very fresh. Can’t miss this if you’re an oyster fan.

4. Hei Bi Hiam Spaghetti ($11.90)

Yas you read that right. Aldente pasta tossed with hei bi (chilli prawn paste). Genius umami bomb. I couldn’t stop eating this one. Better not to share :p

5. Grilled whole sea bass ($28)

Another one of The Skewer Bar’s famous dishes, and I can see why. Again these guys cook it to tender, juicy, flaky perfection and drown it in their secret recipe chilli sauce (it’s not too spicy for those afraid of hiam). Order this if you’re sharing with 3-4pax, or dabao and eat the next day also can, cos it’s that shiok. Lucky we had this dish last, because it was so good that once we dug in… can I say it?
It was all about the bass.

TLDR; often times I feel like eating izakaya; but am wary that one style of doing it will get very jelak – e.g. if it’s only done with chinese five spices, or coated with teriyaki sauce. If you’re a little bit ADHD like me, Iza offers a great selection to keep you and your tastebuds excited, without breaking the bank.

695 East Coast Rd, Singapore 459059
+65 63852883
Daily 4pm to 1am (last order 12.30am)

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  1. wow….good food at affordable prices…..cant wait!

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