Hello, I’m Steph.

I’m from a tiny island called Singapore. No, we’re not in China.

My interests and hobbies run far and wide, I think that helps me appreciate life as it is.

I’m a full time entrepreneur. Sometimes a copywriter. Sometimes a graphic designer. Sometimes a dancer. Sometimes a doodler. Sometimes a tech blogger. Sometimes a champion for good causes.

I love exploring – new places, new food, new ideas, the minds of new people. I love how social media allows me to do that.

I have 2 cats who make my day, everyday.

muffin is a ragamuffin (stalk her pics on instagram – #muffinkitty)

angel is a chinchilla persian (stalk her pics on instagram – #angelcat)

I was also a top 10 finalist for Standard Chartered Bank’s World’s Coolest Intern contest and, with the help of a wonderful team, was behind Dance for Japan.

Here’s a video I did that speaks about my interest in Digital Marketing:

I now run my own business – we focus on content marketing. Check out: Duo Studio

For collaborations, media queries and such, contact me at stephuaATgmailDOTcom.